Chapter 22,The Cat,The Lady and the Liar by LeAnn Sweeney

After Coffee Val’s Whitewolf Media Channle YouTube Mystery,Cats,Murder,Dock

Rude exists

Why is it obvious those you think you know shout and are really not nuce they are rude? Its not appropiate to treat educated people who are poor and fighting for a better life and leave poverty like children you believe Need to be lead! I am beyond myphed which is more then pissed. MyContinue reading “Rude exists”

Felt the heart

Many books stir me The Art of Racing in the rain Garth Stein tatooed Memory already scared The hatred vie lies Bleed from loss of all I lost just from being the good person My mom made me to be Mike Rohr told me January 2015 No one can charge an innocent Person with ElderContinue reading “Felt the heart”

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