Hard to imagine

When I was a kid never thought mom and dad will be gone. Dad’s been gone since twenty twelve, Wish dad never left, I miss mom every breathe My half sister like a hungry dog started Gaslighting mom to force her from her home, Twenty-ten, Diana’s last husband divorced her after one year. See menContinue reading “Hard to imagine”


Growing stronger, Together, Supporting each other, Years older, Love is more! Strong, Suppirting, Together, Protective, Unified, Her hand in mine, Adventure, Experiencing, Smile, Tears, Nearness, Two voices, Two thoughts, Smile, tears, Family, Miles gone, Laughing, Experiencing, Life, Wife, Family, Lesbians.

From deep in space!

Out there behind the milky way! The other day, With cocked ear I heard it say! I love you! From the milky way, Round the sun, Pass the blue planet, Through the rings of Saturn, Bounding off the heat from the sun, Like the big super balls of nineteen. seventy blue planet time, Back again!Continue reading “From deep in space!”

A ring

Power summed Love arrived the other day Worried Wal-Mart FedEx dropped by her door Called a friend to pick it up My lady love feared magic of my love had fled. A friend she called to see if FedEx had left a small package, Found it, Opened it, Slipped my ring on her hand, ToldContinue reading “A ring”

Selling on line

I have heard the schpeal have no idea how to spell the word I want. I deal in media the written word.I read on line.Plan on selling books as well. My list a needs continue to over whelm me. I get tired that creates within my a deep crevice of a voidwhere my heart onceContinue reading “Selling on line”

Odd comment

I was touring around on the odd moment on Youtube today.The subject was Gentleman Jack and lesbians.The comment from a woman saud she could never be a lesbian. The comment owner’s reasoning was that women are all untrustworther.Some are caniving thongs unworthy to be imagined thevweaker sex. But the statement is completely unfair not toContinue reading “Odd comment”


Two thousand fifteen Luther College campus Decorah Iowa.Liberal Arts college. The humanities were exployered during the Renaissance with started in Italy. Petrarch: devotee of the words and the romantic lover of beauty, the classics open up an enchantee world. The humanities are the liberal arts.Luther College was one of the first colleges to have aContinue reading “Courage”

Life partner sought

Loves sitting on a dock fishing Watching clouds Understands the beauty of falling leaves in fall in northern Wisconson Knows what saning is Loves being cooked for Hearing thoughts that make no sound Open heart Sees animals and children with love Does not bully Is 100% pure lesbian Fire place Cook stove Cuddling Wonder CouldContinue reading “Life partner sought”