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Second accident ,car striking me

Awesome I’m very sorry. Didn’t graduate have a TBI could not test out of statistics cost me $60000 for what the world sees as nothing without that one piece of paper. I returned to college at fifty was struck in a criss walk by a ninety three year old retired attorney who got no ticket.Continue reading “Second accident ,car striking me”

Even christians

They claim they believe, They say they follow, Don’t share with them, They make me cry, A dear friend of mine, In no way perfect, Husband is an ass hole, When I go to Independence Iowa’s food bank only allows most gotten once a month, I love apples but can not live on them, WentContinue reading “Even christians”

All I ever wanted

A log home with large basement, Larger below then up top, Supplied,armed,barn near, Not a garage, Fire place like mom and her mom before and I want, Large,with for way concealed, The entire home and optical illusion, Sound,metal under wood, A house generations human and animal remain safe, A vampire home for the writer ofContinue reading “All I ever wanted”

Three flights

Geese still in Iowa, Going West? December 4th,2022, Just reached twenty-one degrees, Colder higher I figure, Wings not clipped, So why stay,?

Times change

Just saw a cute cartoon, New to me, Story of Santa Claus and a weird looking wizard, Awful on a Saturday night, I was nine on a Saturday night, We were in bed by nine thirty pm, Mannix was still on, Our hair rolled in those horrid stiff brown curlers, CBS cute show, We gotContinue reading “Times change”


Why do people assume? I do it I try not to it angers me, Like though I’m not on Facebook all the and now since I haven’t a descent phone service people get all snooty because I didn’t tall to them, I just found a hello sent to me at four pm she assumed sinceContinue reading “Assumptions”

Another Non November day,

High today changed now at 8:43 am, Sixty-nine degrees gonna bee, Still sixty-two from over night, Not normal November, Before my lines vanished about one-o five am, Caught a glimpse of Southern Iowa weather coming, Does not appear the summer days we have had, But then thus is not our winter norm, I was fastContinue reading “Another Non November day,”

Thoughts on stuff A poets audio thought, One of my podcast,

A wave,

A wave and a hello, A hello and a smile, A hug and hi, A Christmas dressed bear with her teddy, A how you going Val, How’s your family Jean, She tells me they play bingo here Val, If you win they give out title candy bars, I took Jean in Fudge cycles and raisins,Continue reading “A wave,”

Eight O nine

Still fifty-two degrees, Feels saunaish in my home, Two nights ago was cold, We were taught at the Heike’s if its summer and a yard sale has blankets or Afghans or quilts buy them, Nana’s sofa no one else wanted me included, It was flowered and very low, To give it height I suck magazineContinue reading “Eight O nine”