Neta Jackson

A higher voice Once blessed by a new ordained Female Baptise minister Traveling dinning Mount Rushmore Mointainroom Cary Grant in North by Northwest Hitchcock thriller shot at Mt.Rushmore concession Minister who blessed this gay poet, me 1994 Reading vol.7 Neta Jackson Same old feeling of unique Inner peace when I believed as a child AllContinue reading “Neta Jackson”

Why do people instead of correct whats wrong easily believe a deity wanted horrible things to occur?

People not all some hide behind so call faith instead of working to make things right.I’m not one of those. Any deity who rather see children die on a play ground then fight to change gun laws is not a god. Anyone who believe that when people lie about you and you loose family justContinue reading “Why do people instead of correct whats wrong easily believe a deity wanted horrible things to occur?”

Simply Devine!

I now have vitamins Thought a friend cleaning out her cupboard as she does Necer before such a devine gift Usually to big clothes she no longer wanted Slip of a tongue Sinks ships Gets president whats his name 45 in dog house Funny just like rural America Bucks in field Bunks in pants ThomasContinue reading “Simply Devine!”

All those we love need

Be loved Human n animal Fured sensioned being or nor When in my home My cat Thomas loved kittens Like people they strive harder Some of best humans this poet knew Loved Spoke critter Not like English Their love pure not contrite Not asking you for more then yout heart Freely giving theirs Moments spentContinue reading “All those we love need”

What rings a bell for you?

Phraseology Feelings Thoughts of a writer conveying Heartheld moments Katie up and down the hall Glenn Plaskin a ghost writer I regret only reading and feeling what he holds in his heart People should not be poor In spirit Empty Alone I shall always recall your loved ones Katie most I so miss that simplyContinue reading “What rings a bell for you?”

Full in

Why is it some play at love? Toying with other hearts Dangle a toe in Teasting out the warmth of waters Others sit hearts off to side Play at passion Empath sensatives me Blunder in Believe lies willingly Imagining other words Thoughts are like yours Forgeting No ones like you Full throttle ahead Not anymoreContinue reading “Full in”

Have you ever wondered?

Was I here before? Did my feet walk upon these stones? Looking out accross Lake Superior Was my heart heavy here Was her voice caressing my ear Did I stand here before Music stir me then too? Tingle as she way! Music Sometimes in time plays near Shadow of a wolf Baying literally atContinue reading “Have you ever wondered?”


Forgiving is not forgetting


Sharing,Giving to no bra all for me.