Disablied is Not retarded!

It amazes me how in sixty years things have changed and yet really not! What am I saying when I was a kid anyone in a wheel chair or born with a brain defect treated as if rejected. Anyone who fit into a set of ideas. Now we know that skill set are taught andContinue reading “Disablied is Not retarded!”

Youtube 400 internet Error on Smartphone

Don’t upgrade Don’t update! I did and forever I’m no longer allowed to place my media into my Youtube library. I can like it that’s recorded. Its annoying seeing that message everytome. There’s a dude a nice young man whi taught me how to correct error on a computer but on a smartphone I haveContinue reading “Youtube 400 internet Error on Smartphone”


Have you ever had people in your life who refuse to get what it is you do? Scold you because your smart phone is on ‘Do not disturb’? Be bitchy because you were not on facebook or cell phone when the called you to tell you whats the matter with you after you were toldContinue reading “Intimination”

Watch “Tools and Vista’s” on YouTube

Different times age changes victims we become more knowlegeable when dealing with an enemy who is white trash. Narcississ control others they imprision with lies. I learn more through lectures from Youtube, books and PDF’s. Learning in life is a life time endevor so I keep my eye on mom and my sisters grave andContinue reading “Watch “Tools and Vista’s” on YouTube”