The Eighteenth Century, Adventures in English Literature,High School Text book,1931

Goldsmith poem the Deserted Villiage included Edmund Burke Speech on America in House of Commons:,

Good hearted,

Strong of heart, Not pure mind you, Not Gullable some think, Just believe good is eternal, Life is learning class, No A’s on giving, Mother nature grades on a curve, That’s my favorite female thing, The curve, Found miss trust and non verbal understanding are equal. I will always be me, Seen as throwaway ableContinue reading “Good hearted,”

Arthritis and Gluton

Just was playing a match game and saw a commercial that was fantastic.Things ring out at us as we proceed through our days.Since my dad{Dr L.N.Heike and his brother Dr Norman Ervin Eric Heike and his son Dr. Charles Heike we’re practicing Chiropractor as well as my other cousin Paul Roger I Mark news pertainingContinue reading “Arthritis and Gluton”

Sometimes your the dud

I was a dud last month, Some reason when I got a money order I forgot the sewage, This month I owe two month{sewage,water,trash} I asked over and over for two bills, Rent/utilities, I get an email, Land lord sends no reciept, Landlord figures your reciept is the crappy little end of your money order.Continue reading “Sometimes your the dud”

Eating ,watching an Evan Carmichael YouTube video

Always learn during a meal, Today I truely got writing,Eurika moment, Writers write their stories, We mold like artist our life, Our goals are formable, Write your stories, Right now learn, Goal set, Go be, Write all you experiences, Good / bad per day, Be the you, you plan to be! See lunch lectures allowContinue reading “Eating ,watching an Evan Carmichael YouTube video”


Totes no holes, Tried phelps and hammer, Made sufficient noise, End result no holes, Sore hand, Epitome! Eureka! Sherry left me candles, I have them too, I shall light candle, Heat nail burn holes, Plant and hope no more mornings like today, Ice cream bucket frozen water. Makes me wish people were plants, You canContinue reading “Plant”

Chapter 7,Prose Literature from the.death of Pope and Swift to the French Revolution,From the French Revolution to death of Scoit 1745-1832

English Literature,History, Amelia Atwater Rhodes,Educational Chapter 7a, Chapter 7b,

Little birdie

Little birdie in your nest draming This poem similar to leaving nest Resting in a chair having fallen Little voice in my head says you can’t stand! The baby bird knows to fall neans flight Woth wings spread rocking back and forth Rocking to and fro I go Telling myself you can stand/ fly JustContinue reading “Little birdie”

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