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Girl kittens

More rowdy, Play with hangers, Little boys that I have known do not, Interesting the wee one I caught last week, Stands and wobbles empty and full hangers, They capture her imagination, It tickles me, It annoys me, They never rehang the clothes, Or beg forgiveness,

Snide remarks

A friend every now and then says something mom might say out the wrong side of her mouth, Another way of saying this is what my friend said was off color, A snide remark is mean spirited, I totally loath the food bank in Independence,Iowa, The workers all act like we are to low toContinue reading “Snide remarks”


Really wanted mittens, Searched in box between seats, Found socks, Literately found one, One sock was not helpful, I put it back, Fingers froze, Just found my dads then mine cross country ski mit’s, WordPress can be so dumb, I write mit’s, They change it to MIT, Not the same, Was is to warm yourContinue reading “Yesterday,”

English language

Language only gets complicated when delve into, Body language or the body of a language is more involved, Language is like me with my PTSD, and a TBI, First thing I do in the morning is write, My Sophie cat wants loving, I want her to just sit, I can’t take being climbed on, OrContinue reading “English language”

Like fall

Miss so much, Today I sat restful, Watched the trees, Watched the tops, Wondered when Windows will have to close, My goal was Lake Superior this year, The trees never seem alone, The meadows alight with life, A hawk flies high far up in the sky, Garbage truck is just going now, When on timeContinue reading “Like fall”

Last night blankets

Lovely sleeping weather, Sixty-four degrees northern Iowa, Suppose to rain today, Since Well we will Goggle it, Acid rain has fallen due to the pollution in Wisconsin, Acid rain- Bet your courious about Iowa well lets see the info:,6%20(3%2C%204). This is interestingContinue reading “Last night blankets”

Synops of books why a writer reads and consumes chapters snd what this writer learns fr a book. Part 1

Just jump

Cats some do as you expect, Jump from this to that, Some can and don’t, Tell them no and just like a child they push the limit, Just jump! Don’t scratch good chair! Then I yell why can you be a dog! Yesterday thought I was having a heart attack! The mystery all my demiseContinue reading “Just jump”


What’s it worth to China? Most money making games advertised dubbed into English, Are American’s seen as lab rats? They even lie to get downloaded, Out front, In our faces, Some games pay American’s to lie, A slot machine on the whole pays out .2, Some appear to convenience you won three hundred dollars, TheContinue reading “Skepitic”


What’s taught today? Carbon is major source in pollutants, Today I saw a farmer burning a pile of wood, With brush had a smudge billowing sky high, So I did a video saying it should be illegal burning to rid his land of the wood, It could have been buried up, Or allowed to dryContinue reading “Carbon”