Wheres Customer service?

Products ordered Emails sent out No return email! When you email the company you are dealing with like Schwans- Email sent to you Email option has been removed! For every connection to companies customers service The company brandishes claim Covick-19 to blame! Deal with Wish.com Spend $43.00 Bike helmut,mask and bike lock Took two monthsContinue reading “Wheres Customer service?”

Sixty-two really only sixteen

Dog years are stupud I’m aging in dog years backwards Born 1958,March,10 Spend best years with nation gift elderly Never got to be seventeen Not going to live my sixties like sixties Only celebrating sixteen years 2020 today you age your way My agings up to me Do it or not My chooce Love asContinue reading “Sixty-two really only sixteen”

Chapter 1b,In a Witch’s Wardrobe by Juliet Blackwell

End Lancaster County Amish Christmas Suzanne Woods Fisher

Chapter 11b,Lancaster County Amish Christmas by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Chapter 11a,Lancaster County Amish Christmas by Suzanne Woods Fisher

End of Chapter 12,Yada,Yada religious group gets decked out by Neta Jackson

Chapter 2b,Lancaster Country Christmas by Suzanna Woods Fisher