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When I was fifty-six

Standing on the threshold of forty-seven, My entire world was like Jenga, You know the game like giant pixie sticks pull out the wrong one and you are doomed, Mom and I were watching TV, I on the floor at moms feet with Patches, Patches was an orange cat, Patches arrived at my cat hostelContinue reading “When I was fifty-six”

Do you a jibber Jabber?

Did you come out late in life? Did you date the wrong sex to please those near and dear to you? Was that toxic to you? People will never get born Gay it wasn’t a choice like what Cologne you wanted to wear to fit in! Have you always tried to please those you loved?Continue reading “Do you a jibber Jabber?”

Chapter 5, Jolly Holly

Coldest Christmas Eve in my history, Colder then after my half sister torched our laundry room December third twenty fourteen after removing all but one smoke alarm battery, Christmas early evening I spent in dad’s red Dodge pickup truck with my four kitties that survived Diana’s fire in our electric drier, Electric driers cause twoContinue reading “Chapter 5, Jolly Holly”


Never cared for me it, We’d go to the family cabin at Cub Lake, We stayed at our cabin, Built during what then they called WWII, As a historian I know it was only one war. Heike Shangrala on Cub Lake, Walton’s size house not the crappy CW remake the real one, Wood fire place,woodContinue reading “Camping”

Six or seven days

If its illegal for seasonals on a contract to work six or more days a week isn’t illegal for disabled Americans to be worked to death at Catholic hospital in Waterloo,Iowa ? Where’s Iowa disability lawyers with balls to defend hard working American Iowa night secretaries,never get a break. Stand for her full shift 7pm-3am?Continue reading “Six or seven days”

Even christians

They claim they believe, They say they follow, Don’t share with them, They make me cry, A dear friend of mine, In no way perfect, Husband is an ass hole, When I go to Independence Iowa’s food bank only allows most gotten once a month, I love apples but can not live on them, WentContinue reading “Even christians”

Ten more

No one would have, Could have imagined, A friend I thought more before said WordPress ‘who would read you?’ Jokes on her evidently and thankyou all from the bottom of a simply poets heart nine hundred and ninety people read me, Meek and mild, Innocent of a bully family members lies, My Jewishness is showing,Continue reading “Ten more”

All Tuckered out

Like a kitten who run around until fell asleep, To tired to pass go and collect two hundred dollars, Rammed left elbow into the side of my screen door, Same elbow I went threw car windshield with August two o eight , I’m wheezing from Sitting in the car in the country, This sixty-four yearContinue reading “All Tuckered out”


Really wanted mittens, Searched in box between seats, Found socks, Literately found one, One sock was not helpful, I put it back, Fingers froze, Just found my dads then mine cross country ski mit’s, WordPress can be so dumb, I write mit’s, They change it to MIT, Not the same, Was is to warm yourContinue reading “Yesterday,”

November but still February temperature

Historic chill in northern Iowa air, Unnormal ten degrees low, Months early deep freeze, No surprise last three years our winters have gotten worse, An oozing injury and a government puts a small bandaid on global warming, Two nineteen food stamps, Fuck that! Last month I had eleven dollars, Wasn’t going to use their moneyContinue reading “November but still February temperature”