Dreamers on Amapour News PBS, now!

Discussion dteamers sounds like trump and Lincoln same discussion Lincoln not saint history paints him Old Abe’s plan was take Americans Ship them to Another country Not theirs Language no American spoke African America’s fought both sides War between states fought in Lincoln’s war war to free enslaved people After the war they were toContinue reading “Dreamers on Amapour News PBS, now!”

Mary Gunn’s story

Just sharing.This is Mary’s story. February 20th,2020 Last night I made a joke that some of my friends did not understand. I said no more politics , let’s talk about religion. It could have started another fire storm, If I offended anyone i apologize. I don’t have a church but I do believe there isContinue reading “Mary Gunn’s story”

Psychology and the salon or barbershop

Stories ours as a natoon allows us to stand up to bullies

Lonliness a pain beyond all others

The door will slam with a vension.


The showers Gas chambers used to train troops Traumatic Difficult Dachau biggest as Auchweiz Pardon my spelling My half sister contested my grandma was Jewish funny she dies when my half sister was ten. I hated and dreamed of that shower From boot camp for years See for me knowing that grandpa Heike who wasContinue reading “Bootcamp”