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Sold three books

Hardest part of selling books is finding them in extremely heavy totes not reinjuring auntie Val, That’s me in case your wondering, Of course with a narcississist for a half sister gifted liar blood family christians don’t talk to me, I want all they stood from me, So I write and sell books, And safeContinue reading “Sold three books”


Stupid no point idea

Fake leather on lift chair, All who need the chairs have pets, Most of those pets cats, The chairs are our Limo’s, Cats live the sound jabbing their nails in skin, No matter how excited and pissed off it makes me they continue not to get it, We have spent a life time buying greatContinue reading “Stupid no point idea”

The word

Entrepreneur is like the word writer of Youtuber. They are empty words if “”You” do nothing to own them! The goal is to profit. Jobsites look at you figure you have potential only for empty nothing jobs, why? Because you have to own those word. Work your tail off its not important how the worldContinue reading “The word”


Spelt Woman Spoke this afternoon Cancer victim Facing the world Face forward Gung ho! Faking fierless Not as tough as she thinks Cancers a Son of a bitch Took her family Survival of the fearless Windy City fighter Bear Inner strength Name given Jennifer Sex female My community Full of character Lost (Aunt Wava, UncleContinue reading “Courage”

Don’t be an entrepreneur if!

Your only cheerleader is you because You have to deal with people who think you have options or more then they have. I have a friend I love but unless she has no money and she knows I do I think she’s dead. And another friend who thinks my no transportation means she should tellContinue reading “Don’t be an entrepreneur if!”


Jewish,German,Welsh,Norweign deserted by hate and lies tossed to the lions. Why! How much planning does it take to plan snuffing out of a families memory a life? How long did it take the house painter,corporal to ruler of nazi followers? Do I have to die to gain my good name back for family to relizeContinue reading “Outcast”