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Two months from sixty-five,

Still love Greek Vanilla yogurt, Animal crackers, Graham crackers, Tomato soap and either scramble egg sandwiches or grilled cheese, Mom’s John Mazzetti casserole, I haven’t a casserole dish or a cake pan, Red velvet cake, Women in sexy shoes, Calves of women, Charlene Harris, Victoria Laurie, Janet Evonovitch, Mary and Carol Higgins Clark, Karen Blackwell,Continue reading “Two months from sixty-five,”

First fifteen chapters my book in audible”Jacqueline Night Walker by Val K Heike Whitewolf’

Podcast form–Heike-a7k8fk9–By-Val-K-Whitewolf-a7ulc07–Whitewolf-a8272pr–Flight–Jacqueline-Night-Walker-by-Val-K-Whitewolf-a831bmb–Jacqueline-Night-Walker-by-Val-K-H-Whitewolf-a8blkk7–Jacqueline-Night-Walker-by-Val-K–H–Whitewolf-a8bqjlv–Jacqueline-Night-Walker-by-Val-K-Heike-Whitewolf-a8glife

Chapter 15,Shepard, Jacqueline Night Walker by V K H.Whitewolf

The Twilight of Our lives usually refers to your old age but I’m just basically referring to Twilight in my life. I still I’m still in Africa Northern Africa not far from where Moses walked. In Egypt Moses was still on memory on the Wind. Here is way before my time the people would stillContinue reading “Chapter 15,Shepard, Jacqueline Night Walker by V K H.Whitewolf”

Chapter 14,Darius wrote this chapter’So now your a Vampire , Jacqueline Night Walker by Val K H.Whitewolf

So let’s spend a little time on flight number 200. Initiating flight always best to fly and a clear day. It was a song for a movie in the future called ‘On a clear day!’ Song was sung by a Barbra Streisand and it went like this on a clear day stand and look aroundContinue reading “Chapter 14,Darius wrote this chapter’So now your a Vampire , Jacqueline Night Walker by Val K H.Whitewolf”

Chapter 12,The Titanic, Jacqueline Night Walker by V.K.H. Whitewolf

Mother was a voracious reader devoured every text she got her hands. You can say mother drank every book ,word by word she could from page one to the end if you wanted to play on the fact that she was a vampire. You could say ste drank books in. One day mother Marion asContinue reading “Chapter 12,The Titanic, Jacqueline Night Walker by V.K.H. Whitewolf”

Chapter 3,Bolt Hole,Jack Night Walker by Valerie Whitewolf

Bolt hole’s are location sporatically places on properties owned by the a vampire. A bolt hole is designed to hide until the moon rises again.They are private.The security or mechanism that allows the vampire to remain undetective by anyone seeking to cause the individual harm is also very private. Some allow a way to enterContinue reading “Chapter 3,Bolt Hole,Jack Night Walker by Valerie Whitewolf”

Charlaine Harris

A amazing fantastic author, Teaching this poet transitioning from historic to fiction writing, I have learned define everything, Make humans real down to purple socks, But only if you envision your vampire a purple sock sort of girl! Picture frames if they play apart in a scene then they are important , Teeth on aContinue reading “Charlaine Harris”

First night{Chapter 3,Jacquline Nightwalker}

Audio recording{} The Battle was still raging in many quadraints. Tilting ones head hither and neither noise was audible screams and moans from various wounds those deadly others not so severe. Horses neighing. Chariots crunching over falling enemy. Father{ whose name was Gidion} was being treated. Jeremiah my forth oldest brother was a perigrin falcon,Continue reading “First night{Chapter 3,Jacquline Nightwalker}”


A Latin female stood Head tilted, Curve of her thighs suttly visible, Dust blew across the messa, Crickets music made by legs rubbing on eachother, Imaging her thighs as she strolled, Music quiet calves, nipples brushing lien, The young lesbian vampire wolf’s mouth dry, In the trees near, Imagining, Kissing, Touching, Arousal Complete. Hunger eased,

When stars alite the heavens…

She smiles Clothes she wears arouse me Eyes black as coal Her touch Mind to mind Sultry When I touch her calf Finger upon her lips She kisses my palm of my hand I look up Stars fill the heaven Within my heart I know shes gone Her kiss is still on my lips. UponContinue reading “When stars alite the heavens…”