First night{Chapter 3,Jacquline Nightwalker}

The Battle was still raging in many quadraints. Tilting ones head hither and neither noise was audible screams and moans from various wounds those deadly others not so severe. Horses neighing. Chariots crunching over falling enemy. Father{ whose name was Gidion} was being treated. Jeremiah my forth oldest brother was a perigrin falcon, Jeremiah ranContinue reading “First night{Chapter 3,Jacquline Nightwalker}”

When stars alite the heavens…

She smiles Clothes she wears arouse me Eyes black as coal Her touch Mind to mind Sultry When I touch her calf Finger upon her lips She kisses my palm of my hand I look up Stars fill the heaven Within my heart I know shes gone Her kiss is still on my lips. UponContinue reading “When stars alite the heavens…”