Thought animals were protected in America

When I was younger there was a song I mean a really good song, It was called Cats in the cradle, Is it right or that song never got to grow to be an old man for his son died in a car wreck, It was a sad song too, One of the trailers thatContinue reading “Thought animals were protected in America”

Lesbians and Gays exist even in

Morman Communities, Yes even Amish Communities, And yet when Morman’s come out they are still , I’ll leave that don’t know yet! Guess its later- Amish aren’t baptism, No birth certificants, Like rural Iowa no mentors, Amish are tossed out, No home, No way of communicating with others who are also Queer, Hello fromContinue reading “Lesbians and Gays exist even in”

Pango Books

When a seller posts a sale according to a woman named Gaby, The buyer has to contact you the seller, Then you Not Pango need to find the second book and augment(change thr price), Pango will not do it at checkout! How whacked is that?????? No one knows there operating thoughts about a sale! IContinue reading “Pango Books”

Electric chair paradise or trap?

This afternoon my oldest cat fell upon the floor, The cord disengaged, You was in electric chair no power no go, So there I was with my legs up in the air, It’s much like sex in a geo if you’re 6-ft, The condumdrone(sounds like this) how do I get out of the chair toContinue reading “Electric chair paradise or trap?”

Had a good day

Yesterday nothing earth shattering occured, Calm and peaceful, Darn right boring, Today is Thursday have to rise , Know not why, What would it matter, Then I recal why I have cats, Cats give me a reason to rise, Someone to care about, If my person is for naught but them I pause. Got toContinue reading “Had a good day”

Kite tale,

Kitten tale, Leaping six feet, Goal in mind, Target set, Full no rooms to lent, The mother load achieved, Dead and in varing degrees of demise, Fly strip, Iowa’s third major crop, No farmers Re outstanding in their fields disgusting this years yield, The potential for having topped last year is huge! Schnuggles jumps getsContinue reading “Kite tale,”

Which number

Agorthems, A series of equastions, A matrix, A geno, A puzzle, No life is more then that, Life is more complex then old fuddy duddies imagining and equation, Life is unequatable, that why life hurts, Life is people like Penny Martin met in Walmart’s parking lot, Penny’s a person in just a bit of timeContinue reading “Which number”

Attack by cat

Is this you too, I can’t be the only one, I feel like a cat magnet, Here I am sitting minding my own business, Trying to play Word with Friends, Being hit with America great ideas of how I can find work at home, You know anything uses me because I have a work atContinue reading “Attack by cat”

Four eleven am,

Fifty-eight degrees, Just turned off second fan, Last Saturday my friend, Did something totally unexpected, Adopted little sister, Bought my breakfast, That was the nicest thing done to me since two fourteen, By a new friend, I have no way of knowing how to tell her how she makes my life better, The lower temperatureContinue reading “Four eleven am,”

Last year or Is a sixteen year old female a woman?

Planes were made to move life partner to Quasqueton Iowa, I had inherited in June two twenty when my best friend died, My mom, Thought I was in love, Thought she loved me, We exchanged rings, Sherry Ann made me feel special loved, I trusted that she was being mistreated, I contacted a mover, ItContinue reading “Last year or Is a sixteen year old female a woman?”

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