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Baby Kittens Alive

I heard and saw nothing yesterday, Kitten just on my porch, Cocky and sure, Alive, Alive, Alive Oh! Now just have to find out how the roads are, No WIFI access in Quasqueton,Iowa, Verizon you suck!

English language

Language only gets complicated when delve into, Body language or the body of a language is more involved, Language is like me with my PTSD, and a TBI, First thing I do in the morning is write, My Sophie cat wants loving, I want her to just sit, I can’t take being climbed on, OrContinue reading “English language”


Long day

Up at two am, Check clock, Decide to wait a bit, Rise at three am, Jump into close, Accidentally loose a baby outside now will worry about until safe inside once more, Drove about forty eighty miles, Saw mist pulled over to look at weather, After assured it would not snow drove to Calmer,Iowa FoodContinue reading “Long day”

Lap full of Teddi

My two year old, Black and white due to his maturity as a kitten I gave him the monicur(that’s name) Teddi the third, The other two Teddi’s were Teddy, I was about to bite into my last juicy pork sandwitch two years ago, And my USCelluar expensive phone rang! Val,phone caller said, You know Teddy,Continue reading “Lap full of Teddi”

Verizon’s first

First smartphone dumb as dirt, Every time I return home have to rest WIFI and Bluetooth and still get Nothing! Night before last night I got for three minutes five lines it remember it was in Quasqueton Iowa and went back to Nothing! I grew up with phones on the table, Phones on the wall,Continue reading “Verizon’s first”


November eleventh tomorrow, Temperature in northern Iowa, Buchanan County temperature is going to like a Chicago hood from the twenties take a dive, Help being smothered my Sophie, She is my TikTok cat, As an Empath so I feel stuff so I cry or laugh, Sophie worries and comes rushing to me aid, But whenContinue reading “Hi,”


One day waiting to potty, At Kwik Star in Independence,Iowa last year I saw her, It was on the poster board this little cat family the notice said wanted homes, I’m the animal person who always lived at home mostly, Helped mom and fed all cats that were in need, Sophie was fixed the littleContinue reading “Sadie”


Tomorrow Iowa, Historic future, Change is on the horizon, Why is it that time takes time? We know the worth of a good woman, Ceilings are going to break tomorrow, When Iowa’s first Black American Female becomes Governor, This non progressive state, Where my community were allowed to wed, Two friends of mine were oneContinue reading “Historic”

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