Days are hardest alone

pain is better with shingles

Why can Alliant Energy charge same with wind power usage as without natural energy?

No additional monlies should ever be added to a consummers bill its illigal to steal from fellow Americans.

Deep pain

Often wondered do others Think! When people send no card Call to hear a voice Do they wonder as I do Were those feelings, gatherings real I was there, I felt Gave of myself asked for nothing in return but to be inclued in your life Still no one cared last year when my favoriteContinue reading “Deep pain”

Smells I will always recall

My grandad’s wore Old Spice Nana’s bathroom/dressingroom off her den Inside Nan’s Violin and accordian case Quilt made for me when I was 2 from grandma Agnes Kleeman Heike who died when I was two Mary Florence Jean Ryan Fitzgerald’s kitchen,Saturday morning when she baked bread Grandma Ferrings house Saint Pat’s Convent kitchen Rectry’s kitchenContinue reading “Smells I will always recall”


Are you like me Afraid people Others will not understand scars Ours We don’t want your- Ooo That’s horrible! From injuries or illness’s Not of our making Still we wear them like Badges of what Survival Courage Scars are not accredited to you Scares ours cost us Honor Pride I Mine Caused my suffering LikeContinue reading “Scars”

Impeachment hearings today lost me after

Iowan,Single,Out,Lesbian,Poet,Writer,business woman, me

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