An afternoon

How’s it rolling In The dark, It’s been a good spell since rain, This is my folksy charm, I can be witty, I really pleased my sinuses aren’t draining anymore, I’m still Mrs phlegm but it’s not running down my face, Every change is a step toward well, Now to carry everything in salt everythingContinue reading “An afternoon”


Cheese, Some will warn against eating cheese if you have a cold, Eat cheese drink milk , Don’t eat sweets, Your Lyphnods swell with toxin, That’s one of the reasons you’re sick you’ve been not taking care of yourself and you need properly, I know I know I know I know, That woman that youContinue reading “Cheese”

Eight thirteen and dark

Fall is creeping nearer, Soon it will be dark at six, For those of us in northern Iowa winter is at least half our year, Not this year, Summer arrived in May, Thats not normal, Cause Global Warming, Effect less normal weather,

A stranger hug me yesterday

Figures the only way I could hug him, My sister went to the bathroom we ate Chinese, No one in particular! And while she was gone this fellow went over and talked to the major D with red hair wasn’t there no I won’t shade but you know red hair and young people is lessContinue reading “A stranger hug me yesterday”


Breathe, Normal hot, Heavy humid, Iowa day, Air do heavy, Feels like below the sea, Floundering, Like a fish out of water, People in Florida assure me their humidity is worse, They lie, I know how heavy air is within a trailer in Iowa!


Horns are not! Children crying are not, Google is not, Pipe organs can be when played well, Singers can be, Chandeliers can be, Bells can be, Sex can be, Vista’s can be, Words are, Destruction can be, Wars or not, A book can be, Arguments never are, The share word is melodious thank you forContinue reading “Melodious”

The best gift is by chance

Best moments best moments are spent with that gift that you found by chance, It allows you to adopt family not given with blood, My best gift, Gift by chance, Was he younger sister, Her name is Penny, Bright as a penny, She makes memories, She involves me, Something neither one of my given bloodContinue reading “The best gift is by chance”


A wench by another name, Stalkers think all your thoughts are like food to consume, A persons thoughts are free to be shared, Americans First Admendment, Stalkers Stalking Our right is to write our thoughts, Video tape another form of our intellectual property, ‘Get a life this is mine!’ Stalling is criminal!

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