Leaves Say I? Leaves Ewe say! Nooooo! Not I say Ewe! I say Sheep have their place in spring! Trees have leaves you understand? Today as I limped along Today I viewed from my vista strolling along Lushes greens, New born buds forming Covick 19 brought humanity to a stand still.while Mother nature teturns Bold,Continue reading “Leaves”

Top of the world

Not heard my mom giggle Not heard her say hi Val Not heard Marian D Heike laugh Tell a joke ‘I took a neck from some beer bottle, And from a horse I took some hair, I took some hair And I put them all together With some wire and some glue And I gotContinue reading “Top of the world”

Crossing lines

Not like shooting crossing hairs Arget sited,found Peoples emotions Peoples heart strings Not others affairs Its not your place to repremand others Your hearts not theirs You control No one! You might forget loosing loved ones You might Stop being angry Stop keeping a grudge Its not your place,who ever you are! There are thingsContinue reading “Crossing lines”


Waits like that one sock hides Hate lies Hate dormant waits Like a pot to be stirred We are seeing history repeat Those of us meek Meek tucked away Hide and seek Hate wielded like unwanted feen Meek Innocent go first I did No one seeks others Meek will do Coward sits Big white homeContinue reading “Hate”

Touching her heart

Twilight beccons My heart warms I bid the one who gave me life goodnight I love her so Taken from me vie lies and an evil heart But when I look at my hands Or feel words in a book Talk to a strange dog Their mom is too Diana Lee Dudley’s lies stold momContinue reading “Touching her heart”

What’s the Hell is wrong with people?

Turn off your assinine robot calls No one wants your God Damn calls No one wants you Texting them Only calls or Text we want is ‘Hi I’m ok! Hi I miss you! Love you! I don’t want to be lied to ‘Sorry missed you yesterday want to buy your home! Or being called ValContinue reading “What’s the Hell is wrong with people?”