Merle’s Door* I entered and felt what it was to weild words that captured writer’s heart.

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One voice

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Days are hardest alone

pain is better with shingles

Why can Alliant Energy charge same with wind power usage as without natural energy?

No additional monlies should ever be added to a consummers bill its illigal to steal from fellow Americans.

46.Greetings{Shingles,Cellulitics,and family Caregiving}

Caretakrs are Valuable they care for you in your home.

Deep pain

Often wondered do others Think! When people send no card Call to hear a voice Do they wonder as I do Were those feelings, gatherings real I was there, I felt Gave of myself asked for nothing in return but to be inclued in your life Still no one cared last year when my favoriteContinue reading “Deep pain”

Nice to ride to town a pal named Val

Yep thats best Invited after friend borrows $12 all you have in cash Money for me is to fulfill a need Money is not to feed me is a restraunt When I go with other I buy meal and give gas money I ear marked $200 for my bank Want them to see I reallyContinue reading “Nice to ride to town a pal named Val”