Not so bad

Forty degrees bot so bad, Today all kitties get pumkin, Smeared upon their cat coats, In protest against worms, Saw an advertisement for flee spray sprayed on the floor, Not bombing the home, Pity its vacuumed up, Feel at warm Wished this was Friday, Need a phone, In some ways it feels like, December fourthContinue reading “Not so bad”


Hottest September twentieth in sixty-four years in northern Iowa, Global Warming sucks, A new bill puts an end to it in twenty-thirty, In someone elses presidency, NICE! If all the farmers animals are still alive, If we are alive, That’s eight years, I’ll be seventy-two, My half sister Diana Lee Heike Dudley will be deadContinue reading “Ninety-seven,”

English Literature: Twentieth Century

Found in ‘Adventures in English Literature,High School Textbook 1931’

Chicken Little

Oh my I just heard a person trying to sell crap, If anyone would pick up a history book every now and again and dah read it, Shelves are empty, The ceiling falling, Then the lady went on to tell how no matter your wealth food is vanishing! So funny these are the narcissist likeContinue reading “Chicken Little”

Walk I shall always recall

Strolling to Bear Lake through our woods, In fall Lee Ann removing my slivers, Uncle Norm made the best sling shots, Always used saved inner tubes that no longer floated, The tree house built by cousins and one short time brother in law, John Cook,Robbie and Julie’s dad, How the meadow changed from huge withContinue reading “Walk I shall always recall”

Six twenty-seven

My marmaladed calico Emily came to me an hour ago, Sun is rising, Emily thinks its time to insulate, One of my goals this year, One reason to sell books, More money not less, People wishing to own books is not a sale, People stupidly believing the normal price of a book in good conditionContinue reading “Six twenty-seven”

Best deal in Iowa

It’s not the dollar store, Has nothing to the dollar at the dollar store anymore, Walmart undercuts the dollar store, Very little cheap at the Walmart, Best deal in Independence Iowa, Is a print of anything it’s only a dime,

Sure hope

Long ass, Long ass summer twenty-two, Long ass summer is through, God aweful heat, Global Warming started officially in March last, Marched through like the Atrutians, Before Romans, Big and brutal, It was so warm my birth month we had a tornado fly by, March in northern Iowa is. Normally so damn cold Iowan’s areContinue reading “Sure hope”

An afternoon

How’s it rolling In The dark, It’s been a good spell since rain, This is my folksy charm, I can be witty, I really pleased my sinuses aren’t draining anymore, I’m still Mrs phlegm but it’s not running down my face, Every change is a step toward well, Now to carry everything in salt everythingContinue reading “An afternoon”

Eight thirteen and dark

Fall is creeping nearer, Soon it will be dark at six, For those of us in northern Iowa winter is at least half our year, Not this year, Summer arrived in May, Thats not normal, Cause Global Warming, Effect less normal weather,

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