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Phone company has a new deal, New deal for new clientel, More then three hundred dollar phone for ten dollars and forty dollars service a month, With all the things I’m not getting but should have for last five months, Except the Disney Plus which Never was able to get because damn verizon phone hadContinue reading “Boost”



January eleventh, Predicted to get to forty again, Global warming has the Midwest seasons arriving months in advance, When I was a kid they said the signs of change would not fall in my life time, What else are the scientist incorrect about?

Oh my ,Oh my,

Even weather bulliton shouting chicken little warning! ‘The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Recession! Little guys first! Like the worlds the Titanic! Funny no one ever says {poets,poor and animals first}, But its us that suffer way before wealthy tell us of a recession, This Jew’s book selling business doesn’t bring in aContinue reading “Oh my ,Oh my,”

Deep Red

Laying off the starboard bow, Set of strataverious clouds tut in directly on top, Deep Red’s warning, Sailor take warning, Over Buchanan County, The vista viewed I, Driving through sleet coming home, Been gone just twelve hours, Gone long enough to feel the pain of the day, A friend whose disabled asked me yesterday howContinue reading “Deep Red”


If truth will set us Free then why is it hidden, If Knowledge becomes Wisdom, Is all truth Knowledge, Quanitive and Qualitive values, Due process if every truth is tainted by those wielding power then the truth or like a professor I had once had use to say the ‘Meat and potato’s, is the onlyContinue reading “Truth”

Can it possibly be?

I died twice eight years and ten days ago, Mom’s(Marian D. Bittenger Heike,born November 3th,1927,to Clarence Ward Bittenger and Lottie Henrietta Starkey Bittenger,massive stroke from two Codine packs placed on our diabetic mom a week) been gone two and a half years ago, Ellen(Ellen Beth Heike Mathis,born April 11th,1961,we almost lost Ellen to Whopping coughContinue reading “Can it possibly be?”

Why not a rug?

Found a place, Not four miles away, Internet comes in, Sitting on my cold kitchen, By my sink, Read in Eeyore voice Winnie the Poophs friends voice, Snow is falling such like sludge, Not drop like fluffy snow of my youth, I miss snow flakes, On my tongue, Its not as easy if your aContinue reading “Why not a rug?”

Thoughts from a gay poor poet entrepreneur writer

Boy howdy That’s a mouthful! This is from my podcast, and my online bookshop address, My bookstore on PangoBooks | handle: @valheikewhitewolf | And chapter 16 of Jacqueline Night Walker by V.K.Heike Whitewolf, reading “Thoughts from a gay poor poet entrepreneur writer”