Brought to my attention yesterday as if I live under a rock, No I was not appreciative of it, I love reading thoughts, But the writer of the thoughts was outstanding, A man with deep heart, As a historian I have always loved various members of the royal family, The fact that Elizabeth was aContinue reading “Concerns”

The Piper

Saint Georges Chaple, Barriers of the Queen, Hope all these lads that carried the queen are thanked by King Charles the third, I smell chicken, Its not the furneral its from my kitchen, Royal family will follow the coffin up the stairs and into the chaple, Choir is singing, Chapel’s packed, Internment will take placeContinue reading “The Piper”


I feel like Willy Wonka, Breaking through the elevator ceiling, Just got the call, Getting a brand new furnace Thurseday September 22,at 930, I know I should spell this but git to pee, Put in chicken, Cook plum,feed kitties, Rush back for more of Queen Elizabeth funeral, I am a literal,blank form,journalist,poet, Val K HeikeContinue reading “Furnace”


Oldest man in the Iowa senate, Eighty-nine years old, Up for re-election, His advertisements a bunch of horse hockey, Last election his locale people saud he is never home, This is one man who went to Washington and became a millionaire! What Iowa needs is younger blood, More diversity, Not more old men, I amContinue reading “Grassley”

Jerking a chain

My friend first told she had to take a defense course t return to working as a overnight secretary at the Catholic hospital in Waterloo, Iowa. My friend who was never written up for anything worked for five years on a cane. The HR placed her on temporary disability. Her fine for after hip replacementContinue reading “Jerking a chain”

Its been awhile

Lost a day, Sold an Agatha Raisin, Not a clue where it is, In a perfect world, I’d have tubs for each author, Gendra, Not a perfect world, Some are in front, In a dresser, Lesbian fiction is out front, In my car, Think thats what is stopping people from buying a book, Think IContinue reading “Its been awhile”

Have you ever noticed with WordPress

That it will load over and over and over something that it loaded years ago that is no longer with you anymore you think it’s in cyberspace and it’s already been loaded you don’t have it on your smartphone so why are they wasting so much time loading it? Nearest well couple years ago whenContinue reading “Have you ever noticed with WordPress”

Pango books prejudice

A lesbian friend sent me seventy- five of her one thousand lesbian fiction drama’s,mysteries and erotic romances. The platform refused to allow me to post the book one the objected to had a leg on the cover. The other just had two women maybe in their twenties smiling to eachother. The book was called LesbianContinue reading “Pango books prejudice”

Mud slingers

Nothing new, When economy is bad lie wielders emerge from the muck civilization is, First target always fellow or lady in public office, Rumor mongol I heard, FaceBook forces their paid advertiser upon game players, Lets examine Qualitive and Quanitive thought thats out there, Extra also inContinue reading “Mud slingers”

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