Brought to my attention yesterday as if I live under a rock, No I was not appreciative of it, I love reading thoughts, But the writer of the thoughts was outstanding, A man with deep heart, As a historian I have always loved various members of the royal family, The fact that Elizabeth was aContinue reading “Concerns”


I feel like Willy Wonka, Breaking through the elevator ceiling, Just got the call, Getting a brand new furnace Thurseday September 22,at 930, I know I should spell this but git to pee, Put in chicken, Cook plum,feed kitties, Rush back for more of Queen Elizabeth funeral, I am a literal,blank form,journalist,poet, Val K HeikeContinue reading “Furnace”

Its been awhile

Lost a day, Sold an Agatha Raisin, Not a clue where it is, In a perfect world, I’d have tubs for each author, Gendra, Not a perfect world, Some are in front, In a dresser, Lesbian fiction is out front, In my car, Think thats what is stopping people from buying a book, Think IContinue reading “Its been awhile”

Mud slingers

Nothing new, When economy is bad lie wielders emerge from the muck civilization is, First target always fellow or lady in public office, Rumor mongol I heard, FaceBook forces their paid advertiser upon game players, Lets examine Qualitive and Quanitive thought thats out there, Extra also inContinue reading “Mud slingers”

A little information makes no one informed

The other day a sister remarked, Science says: In a few years the normal, Midwest speaking, Dealing with Global Warming will be, One hundred and twenty, What will the little trump naysayers with their oil rigs then say? Probably that the heat is a fluke, Daily! Since May northern Iowa had over thirty days everContinue reading “A little information makes no one informed”

Late riser

Seven twenty six, I was zonked, Up at two thirty, Howly cat, I was hungry, Black too, So I made microwave popcorn, I fon’t buy it food bank gives it out, As I was watching a new Time-Team a dude was advertising a thing, Studious thing I ever heard, Good enough for a morning video,Continue reading “Late riser”


Its not the land not owned under a mobile home the government doesn’t approve of, A friend in Florida owns the land under her home, The government is like the asshole bankers, They refuse to see us owners of mobile homes as worthy to have Solar Power! Funny when they want to be elected theyContinue reading “Interesting”

What is it for?

We assumed Medicare was for better insurance for the poor, American’s soon learned that was an erroneous assumption, Medicaid one might assume to know its purpose, Al Dombroski head of food service Mount Rushmore Concession, Company Amfac who took over for the old mountain company up from Keystone,S.D. defined assume to me fall of nineteenContinue reading “What is it for?”

Sadie the pole dancer

Sadies eight month old grey calico, In heat fir second time , As I maneuver down the hall, Sadie weaves in and around my legs, When not with my cane, She scares me, PTSD victim of narcissistic half sister, I scream, I fear not falling but hurting her, When I knee on a chair, MyContinue reading “Sadie the pole dancer”

Identity Theft or Hacking

Same thing, Fraud- Hacking Idenity theft

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