Its not the land not owned under a mobile home the government doesn’t approve of, A friend in Florida owns the land under her home, The government is like the asshole bankers, They refuse to see us owners of mobile homes as worthy to have Solar Power! Funny when they want to be elected theyContinue reading “Interesting”

What is it for?

We assumed Medicare was for better insurance for the poor, American’s soon learned that was an erroneous assumption, Medicaid one might assume to know its purpose, Al Dombroski head of food service Mount Rushmore Concession, Company Amfac who took over for the old mountain company up from Keystone,S.D. defined assume to me fall of nineteenContinue reading “What is it for?”

Sadie the pole dancer

Sadies eight month old grey calico, In heat fir second time , As I maneuver down the hall, Sadie weaves in and around my legs, When not with my cane, She scares me, PTSD victim of narcissistic half sister, I scream, I fear not falling but hurting her, When I knee on a chair, MyContinue reading “Sadie the pole dancer”

Identity Theft or Hacking

Same thing, Fraud- Hacking Idenity theft


New Crypto Bill, I having trying to sell Bitcoins worth since first algorithm, My thoughts fell upon unimaginative individuals, Currency raping the earth not needed, Electricity Solar or Wind, No more holes, A true assistance to Americas Economy, Yeah Biden!


Clearance Walmart yesterday, Bought a box sixteen washable mask, Five dollars marked down from thirty-eight ninety nine, Downer dear friend said were they blue or yellow! I said no idea and why? I was told the CBC demands they be yellow or green, I say when they start buying my mask then and only thenContinue reading “Mask”

More Elizabethan Period Writings, Adventures in English Literature,1931,High School book Karen Cushman wrote a Newbury Award story of a crippled girl during this time in 1573.Great story.

Arthritis and Gluton

Just was playing a match game and saw a commercial that was fantastic.Things ring out at us as we proceed through our days.Since my dad{Dr L.N.Heike and his brother Dr Norman Ervin Eric Heike and his son Dr. Charles Heike we’re practicing Chiropractor as well as my other cousin Paul Roger I Mark news pertainingContinue reading “Arthritis and Gluton”

??? Interesting!

The government is funny, Not ha,ha, Funny sad, A video about the importance of all life, The significance of all babies got my video removed, Yet the Eugenics was a government program geared at rounding up poor people and making them all sterile! Government Our Believed Poor People made Poor People! Guess the governmentContinue reading “??? Interesting!”

Spell check

Not a benefit, When as a writer your thoughts are flying out of you, The spell check doesn’t think or know contense, Your right words are your voice, Like above I say contense spell thinks it’s spelled correctly, You are forced to take time to add it to the dictionary. This phone comes with twoContinue reading “Spell check”

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