Chapter 25,We’ll meet again by Mary Higgens Clark

see you guys, last words

Chapter 8,A dog who Rescued cats by Philip Gonzalez and Leonore Fleischer

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End of Chapter 19,Clash of Kings by George R.R.Martin

Surrender,Never!’ Val’s Whitewolf Media YouTube Channle Book 2, Ayra

Riddle me this?

Hardest to heal after bout of Cellius deep red leg, swollen foot or blistered Arse. The leg I will elevate. Foot will lay on floor with foot higher then my heart starting today to clean bad blood out of. See I worked for thirty two yeara standing on my feet most for people with cushyContinue reading “Riddle me this?”

Still smoking!

My next door neighbor in his eighties.Retired Iowa farm boy.His wife went on before him.Taught in church of the golden rule and of a heaven.Only heaven I know of is here with those we love. Still smoking Still smoking! Ones a week I share a meal with my neighbor. I met him Wenesday taking myContinue reading “Still smoking!”