Have you ever had people in your life who refuse to get what it is you do? Scold you because your smart phone is on ‘Do not disturb’? Be bitchy because you were not on facebook or cell phone when the called you to tell you whats the matter with you after you were toldContinue reading “Intimination”

Do you ever find things are priceless when other see no value in things?

What I do might be looked at as volunteering to read due to the fact I read but gain no monitary value just now. I bet Guttenberg when building the first printing ptess was smirked at. People for a century or more copied books by hand and here’s a dude attempting to build a machineContinue reading “Do you ever find things are priceless when other see no value in things?”

Poor people’s firbabies

Being poor no one gets the size of wallet.People do not become animal doctors ,veterinarians because they love animals anymore. We, I might say I’m worried my black firbaby is not feeling great. People without a thought in the world will be flip, take them to a vet! I write and build content on YoutubeContinue reading “Poor people’s firbabies”

Social Security mail

Just recieved a letter stating this is your second letter asking for information. Its the only one I recieved.Question one : Have you work this Year? My question for them is if I was working would they not know it? No but that’s not correct because I work all the time I make no money.Continue reading “Social Security mail”

Well I guess

The population of writers in Montena will be rising in June. Still unsure I have a uncertain feeling about Montena but theres resorts and I do love tourist. I was promised loyalty and love. I know Darlene is a worthy partner and will not stop me reading and doing my stuff on my Youtube ChannleContinue reading “Well I guess”

Watch “My stunt or gimmick is not deft defining ,I read” on YouTube

I hope I help others be as proud of their accomplishment on literacy as I am to be a decendant of : Marian D.Heike( my mom),Clarian A.Lovitt( my favorite aunt,moms only sister),Agnes Kleeman Heike ( my dad’s mom),Lottie Henrietta Starkey Bittenger( mom’s mom), Gertrude Heike Rohr( my dad’s sister,teacher and mom of 5),Wava Heike (Continue reading “Watch “My stunt or gimmick is not deft defining ,I read” on YouTube”

Watch “Chapter 22 to 23 and a half,The boy called Christmas by Matt Haig” on YouTube

Got this book at the recycling center. Reading it brought me great joy.Reading it was the best Christmas present to me since 2013 when mom and I were still safe from Diana Dudley in Granbury,Texas.