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Jobs why are there literally No jobs? Look and look where are they hardr to find then proverbial needles in the haystack. I’d live and work ata resort love those. Sure Minnesota’s not Wisconsin but I could drive there. Russ Jobman head of personell now laat I hears GM at Mount Rusmore he loved olderContinue reading “Minnesota”

Why has Facebook changes the ease to leave games?

It truely is a bitch to simply return to chat in the Facebook app, why? I feel like a test rat. Or locked in a room it is neccessary to click reverse twice. Hitting the x which ise to shut off the game. It reminds me of the difficulty of removing names if people whoContinue reading “Why has Facebook changes the ease to leave games?”

Why is it popular to seek none skilled employees?

I hate being seen as without experience.Today after summiting my application to basicly watch dogs. Two minutes later I got a call offering me jobs with no experience. She asked what job I wanted said loved mrchandising. Not as much as working with animals. In less then a second the woman who spoke so speedlyContinue reading “Why is it popular to seek none skilled employees?”

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Don’t be an entrepreneur if!

Your only cheerleader is you because You have to deal with people who think you have options or more then they have. I have a friend I love but unless she has no money and she knows I do I think she’s dead. And another friend who thinks my no transportation means she should tellContinue reading “Don’t be an entrepreneur if!”

Why is it so Garsh darn hard to find financing for a social Entrepreneur?

Why after you were in business for 6 years there is never a spot for well no here was very little money made the people I worked for were struggling? Why is is people assume something is not employment unless money was coming in? Why is it seem I tell people I work everyday aboutContinue reading “Why is it so Garsh darn hard to find financing for a social Entrepreneur?”

I asked a French friend about Notre Dame

My friend Annie simply said don’t worry the wealthy have money for that! Just now on NPR Brief moment with a historian. That’s not the correct name but in essense it was the same feel as Annie’s words. Annie is not wealthy she is like her Iowan friend (me). We spoke how in America weContinue reading “I asked a French friend about Notre Dame”