Watch “Chapter 22a,Goblet of fire by J.K.Rowling” on YouTube

One of my favorite parts of this book 4 is the ball getting ready for it then the ball.

At least a hundred

Type in work from home on job sites.Do they not understand I’m seeking jobs to make money WORKING AT HOME? Not Madison or Green Bay Wisconsin. When I sought jobs in Praire du Chien Wisconsin I was sent jobs telling me they were near Praire at least two hundred miles away! Are those people Stupid?Continue reading “At least a hundred”

Watch “Home business Val’s Whitewolf Media'” on YouTube

One goal for my Studio will be to employ not traditional females and others in my LGBTQ community. Older women find survival hard. Wish someone would hear my goals and plans.

Watch “1.End of Chapter 12 to 13a,They hunt by night by Barbara Hambly” on YouTube

Loved way before I read interview with vampire.

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