Paper towel

Knew had a roll, Asked about it so I said its somewhere! Why do people ask so ‘where is it!’ Thought I just aswered that, I had said truthful with out resignation it was “Somewhere!’ One cupboard after another was opened, Peeked here, Peeked there to no avail! That roll was as illusive astheScarlet Piperell!Continue reading “Paper towel”

Alarming sound

Bewildering scary, Noise, Nothing seen, Kittens innocent, Still noise bewildered me, Whatever could it be? Panic set in, Every nerve arosed, Something pink, In din of morning, Oh shit! Whats that noise! Duh! No way! Found it! This would never had happened if that little tool had a switch, Or I had a drawer, IContinue reading “Alarming sound”

Chapter 4,vol.4,Spiderwick,The Iron wood Tree by Tony Di Terlizzi & Holly Black

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Chapter 4,Aliens on rampage by Clete Barrett Smith

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End of 23(2)Clash of Kings by George R.R.Martin

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