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Was brought to my attention today, Christmas totes still on sale, I said yes, So! Penny said for more books, Funny part about buying totes, They hold my stock, Most product needs more totes, Totes store my product, Books, I don’t willy nilly purchase totes unless more product equates more storage, I also love totesContinue reading “Tubs”

Trailer parks

What you say! Not here, Not in jolly old England, In England Trailer parks are for summer holiday, Bet the concept of wheel removal would in Jolly old England sound ‘Outrageous!’ See in the states the GD bankers value your home as tent for camping bullshit! Mobile homes are not mobile nor do the haveContinue reading “Trailer parks”

I got Eggs!

My kid sister would say! Sounds like a personnel problem, The internal struggle within, Crying for her vs. screaming at a naughty cat vanishes, Eggs a dozen if the little gems better then a chocolate bar could not give away from F. Bank, Wanted a beer not more crappy pain killer that are slowly killingContinue reading “I got Eggs!”

Who I was told

Two years ago a friend unaware, Unaware I have written since nineteen eighty-five, I was singing the praises of WordPress, I was told why write there, I have five years plus now, Plus six in college under my given name, Val Kay Heike some I wrote using either pen name, Val Littlewolf or Val Whitewolf,Continue reading “Who I was told”


More wind, Ok leaves roll, Underbellies are seen, Air heavy, Thirteenth day in northern Iowa over ninety, August second, What the hell, No air in I’m northern Iowa, Bet Whitehouse has gas and electric, Bet they have Solar Too funny the white house doesn’t own their land, White House land is own by people pikeContinue reading “Quickie”

Business is business

First I thought, Can’t change prices if you people liked a book, Then thought ‘What a stupid notion!’ If customer liked the book more they would have purchased it, Until a sale the books inventory, Product like your child to see to its well being, Might be incorrect anology but “Every book or products wellContinue reading “Business is business”

New women friends

If you get new Facebook friends, And you will Most are not on my page to talk to me there followed their friends, I say one thing to say to them’Go away!” If you are on my page it’s because I thought you looked nice, Not to date, Not to be bullied by you, Don’tContinue reading “New women friends”

Don’t text!

Lack of understanding, Don’t use, Don’t say! My older adopted sister , Straight sees all as elemetary, Like a little girl, Loves not easy, Gay or straight 2+2 <{1+3} Equations never comput, Straight people believe they are empaths, Empaths feel not see, I might cry happy or sad, Driving down a road or, Drinking tea,Continue reading “Don’t text!”

46.Greetings{Shingles,Cellulitics,and family Caregiving}

Caretakrs are Valuable they care for you in your home.