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Penny the energizer bunny,

Works from 7pm-3 am, Use to before last summer work a sixty hour week, Disabilied, Worked five years at Mercy One on cane in Waterloo,Iowa,forty miles from home, Secretary ER, Never had a break, Hurts to stand, Hurts to walk, No heat at home for two years, No Furnace, Northern Iowa, Two years, Worked thereContinue reading “Penny the energizer bunny,”

No ceiling

Why is there no government agency that monitor what owners of mobile homes sell? Why is selling mobile homes that should be pulled away and distroyed allowed? We have homes for non citizens but American poor are allowed to be sold mobile homes with black mold to old to be lived in simply because theyContinue reading “No ceiling”

As am empath

When others are sad, I’m blown away, I go into hiding, Not a coward mind you, Even though I’m sitting in the bathroom of STUFF in Cedar Rapids,Iowa, Never seen Penny so hurt,devastated and angry! First time we went to the food bank one of Penny’s dog died that morning. This morning I was unableContinue reading “As am empath”


McDonald’s Oelwein,Iowa, Finger nail polish has no place in food services, Hats are worn for the fact that in Serve Safe management training it teaches how contaminant ones gain is. Mac Donalds treat management to good to wear a hat that’# stupid and incorrect, Hands need to be watched and washed, No apron should everContinue reading “Oelwein,Iowa,”

Horrible things

Happen all the time, Today Penny’s kitchen ceiling fell in, Val to the rescue, Penny’s eighty-seven year old mom there when I arrived looked worried, Water half way into the dinning room, Pipes burst! Above ceiling fan could be seen second floor rafters, Penny on tears, It was three then, Tamran and the young manContinue reading “Horrible things”

Trailer parks

What you say! Not here, Not in jolly old England, In England Trailer parks are for summer holiday, Bet the concept of wheel removal would in Jolly old England sound ‘Outrageous!’ See in the states the GD bankers value your home as tent for camping bullshit! Mobile homes are not mobile nor do the haveContinue reading “Trailer parks”

Oh joy

Four days the christmas, December 21,2022, Two below zero, Four kitties and me trying not to freeze, Sure sucks I got to rise to go p, The furnace stops then starts, Refurbish mobile home means nothing to seller, No insulation,no storm windows on two windows no storm door on back an no other door toContinue reading “Oh joy”

Squirrels Rock

Pity those humans that build on cliffs in California homes don’t wat h squirrels, Today in Quasqueton, Iowa the strange Fifty miles per hour winds playing havoc with the tree top home’s of little grey and brown Iowan’s, From my office bedroom I watch, A squirrels crib tucked enveloped on a tight little groove secureContinue reading “Squirrels Rock”

Made past forty,

Made it past forty degrees two hours early, Its lovely out, But instead of going out now, Will go out tomorrow, Need boxes from Fareway, Will use to cover windows, Need to be ready for next cold front, Sure now feels like the blustery horrid cold we had was it for winter, Now onto spring?Continue reading “Made past forty,”