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Scared briefly, I saw Tony the librarian, Dressed in her sunflower shirt, As I approached there was the older librarian Independence, Iowa, IT caught me off guard Dressed as a clown dark blue hair, Then she announced her clothes came from the children department, In an instance I thought of big Bang Theory’s Howard, HisContinue reading “IT”


Nearly end of October, Nearly Halloween, Nearly All Saints day, It amuses me how christian love their holidays near or on ours, Warmest October twenty-eigth in my life, I’m pleased is was warm today, Having to seek work on my car parked in Independence Iowa’s library’s parking lot, Cold day in a normal October dayContinue reading “Nearly”


Watched for second time tonight, Nerd here a DVD is more then a movie, DVD’s are best Blue Ray, Never watched a three D, Well that’s not correct, At Smithsonian I saw an IMAX, Truly not same as first one I saw, The Smithsonian was of the Galapagos? Island my friend Will fell asleep. TheContinue reading “Aquaman”

Spider web in nose

Walked down my hall, A zillion times in first year, No spider web in nose, Until! Until just now, Sure I was that the web had creator with it, I imagine a tickle as the critter strode around, Who could I call, Really truly just happen, Sounds funny as I hear myself chat, Writing along,Continue reading “Spider web in nose”