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Roads are horrid in Waterloo

Horrid always in big cities, Its like rural Iowa towns lack understanding fir snow plows, Quasqueton,Iowa allows residence to drive on packed roads, I imagine Alaska’s tundra when we have snow, It was fluffy that fell out Pretty birds window, We watched as snow fell by starlight drifted our TV window in the darkness litContinue reading “Roads are horrid in Waterloo”

Amish teach

First baby can come anytime, Other babies after that one, Amish girls are not dumb, Or are they, Sex is a loaded gun, Playing with a loaded gun, Knocked up stupid ass term, In Amish community when male leaves marriage bed not like unAmish, Women can’t divorce, Until they die if he still lives theyContinue reading “Amish teach”


Plain in Africa, Sounds like my mobile home, Mobile homes stupid name not mobile, Two young males, Loudly proclaiming booty, Not like a pirate, Like a male sniffing for a mate, Eerie sound, Tomorrow they get fixed, No idea how many girlfriends the oldest from Oelwein,Iowa has, Unfortunately only time will tell,

Historic,Educational, English history ‘Year 1000’ by Lacey and Danziget


The weather men/people are prediction fifty-two on Thursday and Friday, As this is the coldest Christmas in my life in Iowa it will as so be the warmest, Crazy! Outrageous! This is Global Warming Folks, Every temperature higher earlier then normal, starts melting earlier rises sea level kills marine life, This is not fun,this deadly,


Good natured fun, Darn right silliness, Recalling family who died we in Dachau, A young man in winters northern cold last night missed a signal, No matter how far he goes on his career he will forever be that guy who missed his quarterback rubbing his forearm, At the time Walmart’s camera shot that nuanceContinue reading “Remembered”


If truth will set us Free then why is it hidden, If Knowledge becomes Wisdom, Is all truth Knowledge, Quanitive and Qualitive values, Due process if every truth is tainted by those wielding power then the truth or like a professor I had once had use to say the ‘Meat and potato’s, is the onlyContinue reading “Truth”

Frivellous my word

People who only believe in self worth, Value non silly fun, Silliness is a battery that stops in 2021, Commences once more in twenty twenty-two, Historians such as I that know every number over twenty needs to be spelt out unless its earmarking a specific historic year, But is it historically significant for others orContinue reading “Frivellous my word”

Stay clear

Warning,Warning Will Robinson! Writer writing! Stay clear! Everyday woman becomes? Tasmanian devil! Warning warning! Stay clear!