How to save money at Christmas(True based on fact not funny)

Or how to take a good person Strip family member of her good name Self respect Crush your elderly moms heart Ignite parents laundry room Use more hate vie lies then onflicted on Mathew Shepard that raped him if his life On one gay sister who assisted your mom since 9 Ask Diana Lee DudleyContinue reading “How to save money at Christmas(True based on fact not funny)”

46.Greetings{Shingles,Cellulitics,and family Caregiving}

Caretakrs are Valuable they care for you in your home.

Smells I will always recall

My grandad’s wore Old Spice Nana’s bathroom/dressingroom off her den Inside Nan’s Violin and accordian case Quilt made for me when I was 2 from grandma Agnes Kleeman Heike who died when I was two Mary Florence Jean Ryan Fitzgerald’s kitchen,Saturday morning when she baked bread Grandma Ferrings house Saint Pat’s Convent kitchen Rectry’s kitchenContinue reading “Smells I will always recall”

Smells I will never forget

Nana’s dressing room off her den The old Spice of my grand dads Alquavelva my dad wore Florence Fitzgeralds kitchen come Saturday morning when her bread making filled thw house Convent at Saint Patricks catholic church Waukon,Iowa Room after love making Mom, my best friend taken so older half sister could bully and financially rapeContinue reading “Smells I will never forget”

Electorical College

Electorical college worse then Any statue if and American drummer who wore grey uniform.