Why do people Not know their value of those that love them?

Reading n writting, YouTube/WordPress, My cats, Today was asked a question that floored me, Do I want to go to Geogia and get Sherry, Sitting driving later in pain Wasting time, My cats locked in rooms, No heart in chest, Like gas tank stuck on empty, Like my mom and sister I would die. WhyContinue reading “Why do people Not know their value of those that love them?”

US mail carriers

Maybe,just maybe the system sucks! Maybe just maybe its the carriers fault, Here in Quasqueton,Iowa Trailer camp in town Female mail carrier refuses to deliver due to hole by mail boxes! Since its a fine to tamper or damage a box, Are not the goverment owners Is she so important to deneigh to deliver? SoContinue reading “US mail carriers”

Half truths

Will school children ever be taught the truth? Fourteen ninety two Columbus sailed, True! Viking thousand years early discovered north America, True, Pepers build blood cells, True, Also in time.acid of pepers will eat holes in your stomach, True, Causing sever problems for stomach owner, True, Only native America the Americsn bison, True, Those calledContinue reading “Half truths”


Paid the supreme sacrifice These statue War between the states Honor a nation’s fallen Boys, off on a lark As in all conflict sure to be home by Christmas Removing statues marking young Courageous lives Like young trees fell before their time Assinine comes to mine Erected for families lost Nothing to do with racialContinue reading “Boys,Served”


Business woman me Legacy Written word Writer Dreamer Teacher Educator Not hole fitter Out of box thinker Me, You, They, Us, All alike All different Perfect in our way Loved by our moms. Banker to an extent.

Dreamers on Amapour News PBS, now!

Discussion dteamers sounds like trump and Lincoln same discussion Lincoln not saint history paints him Old Abe’s plan was take Americans Ship them to Another country Not theirs Language no American spoke African America’s fought both sides War between states fought in Lincoln’s war war to free enslaved people After the war they were toContinue reading “Dreamers on Amapour News PBS, now!”

Chapter 1a,In a witch’s wardrobe by Juliet Blackwell