Three days

Numbers signify memorious moments, Three three days christian religious, Time Team value, Tickles me, Excites, Six another number, Twice the first, Three of the second number christians link to a devil, The bible is laced with numbers, Linking events with memory,


When the funeral was about to begin, Thanks to YouTube, I saved it to my Royal Family file, I was to exhausted to see it until a nap, Annoying friend called me twi more times, Why don’t people claiming to be friends understand what we value, I’m a die heart Royalist, I see all weddings,Continue reading “Regal”

A Nation

Laying in state, Her children stand around her, Honor is felt, Love of her people, Seen brows turn down, Honor corp all decked in finest colors, Upon her coffin sits her royal crown, She was more then the symbol, Today her grandchildren came to stand, Loved ones wear honor, Before they came I saw theContinue reading “A Nation”

Blade Runner

This morning out of Winthrop Iowa, Turn wrong left onto highway twenty, Got milk and grape fruit,kitty litter and food, Wally World to much wanted cherries, Another day, Maybe, Before I got turned around heading toward Manchester,Iowa, Saw a long truck zooming by, I had just pondered the windmills upon the hill, How interesting timeContinue reading “Blade Runner”

Sure hope

Long ass, Long ass summer twenty-two, Long ass summer is through, God aweful heat, Global Warming started officially in March last, Marched through like the Atrutians, Before Romans, Big and brutal, It was so warm my birth month we had a tornado fly by, March in northern Iowa is. Normally so damn cold Iowan’s areContinue reading “Sure hope”

Mud slingers

Nothing new, When economy is bad lie wielders emerge from the muck civilization is, First target always fellow or lady in public office, Rumor mongol I heard, FaceBook forces their paid advertiser upon game players, Lets examine Qualitive and Quanitive thought thats out there, Extra also inContinue reading “Mud slingers”

Last night blankets

Lovely sleeping weather, Sixty-four degrees northern Iowa, Suppose to rain today, Since Well we will Goggle it, Acid rain has fallen due to the pollution in Wisconsin, Acid rain- Bet your courious about Iowa well lets see the info:,6%20(3%2C%204). This is interestingContinue reading “Last night blankets”

Riding along or Iowa’s RagBride

RagBride Bikers across Iowa, Annually, Only human motors, Penny and I rode, In the column, Black Chevy Equalnox, Time speed between seven and fifteen, Took us over and hour from Postville Iowa and highway seventy-six, Just asked why we were there, We were trying to get to a gas station before we were empty, YouContinue reading “Riding along or Iowa’s RagBride”

Nothings Free

Best things came with price tag, If you think things that came fir nothings true, Live in low rent housing, Anywhere! Price night be lower other rental properties however, However see is the price, Because you are poorer then others, The US government treat you like slow in the head, Oncely becomes twicely inspections ,Continue reading “Nothings Free”

Third day

Third hottest day northern Iowa, Before July, Weather people say ninety seven, We had so far, First tornado in December, Not just in my life, But in all of Iowa, It arrived on an unnormal winter warm day, December eighteenth,twenty-twenty-one, First ever in twenty-twenty -two, Poked it’s nasty bitchy self, Buchanan County,March, Another unnaturally warmContinue reading “Third day”

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