Once had a sister

Once thought her the best, Till I was nine, She made mom while I’m was at school upon threat of never seeing her grandson again give away my dog. Funny how much still at on the eve nearly of my sixty-fourth birthday that pain is still fresh, Acid still rises filling my heart and mouthContinue reading “Once had a sister”

Chapter 13,Mossflower by Brian Jacques

Chapter 11, https://youtu.be/ow5Z4k_i0co Chapter 12a, https://youtu.be/8tiF3Gc-QoA Chapter 12b, https://youtu.be/VrnREdFeALQ Chapter 12c, https://youtu.be/1cw6f0Ao3_U Chapter 13a, https://youtu.be/Ex1U5Llna1k Chapter 13b, https://youtu.be/qA5rmmQstxA Chapter 14a,

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