Kitten no longer Pings

Slowly but surely, Getting better, Been sucking on vitamin C, Feeding her C enriched spit, Also once a day giving her vitamin E, Not capsule I bite it and squirt it in her mouth , Also a pumkin seed oil on her coat, I can only do what I can just now, Shes being aContinue reading “Kitten no longer Pings”

Solar WHAT!

According to the two representatives, You need to own your home, Have a good credit rating, Own land your home you Pay taxes on, And own your home to reap financial benefits of Solar, The program also from Alliant Energy wants to see your energy usage! They whoever the hell they are figure an individualContinue reading “Solar WHAT!”


Not Flon, Phlem pussie crap thats snot good, Huge bunch of crap in back of throat, This morning as my orange kitten watched me drink milk and make me feel sorry for her, Found myself lecturing how bad milk was for her , But I paid for it I’m going to drink, Knowing the toneContinue reading “Phlem”

Puking is heard

Not a discouraging word, Somewhere Out of your room, Puke waits, If your hall is dark, Take no chances, Turn on the light, Because if like me, You will take one step to many, And step in that, Unseen, Still warm, Puke,

Addictive to nicotine gum

As addictive as smokes, My friend smoked for thirty years, Chewed one stick after another for seventeen years, The quiting hotline understand quiting smoking, There is no understanding for gum, My friend we will call Florida, Had four sticks left for two days, A few minutes ago found two more packs, I wonder now thatContinue reading “Addictive to nicotine gum”

Brain tumor

We thought maybe stroke, We were typically wrong, Judy went to Iowa City , Windy ass Iowa Spring day, Thirty mile an hour winds, Got there, Got home safely, My dear friend, Not perfect, But fun, We had terrific times, We never fought, Our friendship better then the sisters that carried mom’s blood, A fighterContinue reading “Brain tumor”

Remember Horrible Smells

They exist, Still obtrussive, Annoying, I still recall a smell from when eleven, A while back, Tomorrow will be fifty-three years ago, I never forget significant puking, All from strolling home, Past Ann Ryan’s grandma’s home, Puke mine,yours,families, Still allow me the uncomfortable feelings of pre-puke, Sensitive smell and feelings, I’m sure I’m not theContinue reading “Remember Horrible Smells”

Kick Ass disease

Still killing, Progression if cure not in site, Guess what is needed to have a cure is politicians dying! Another of my community dead, dead, Cancer,Breast more deadly then Covid! Spend the money, Cure cancer,diabetes,lapis,HIV, The list is longer then Covid! A daughter has gone, Back home I go tomorrow, Furneral and oil change, MemoriesContinue reading “Kick Ass disease”

Sleep and,

Half a bottle of beer, Being out in Iowa’s cold, Winter or fall, Summer early night’s air, About of Shingles, Last night I was dead tired and asleep at eight thirty pm, Farmer hours, Awoken one thirty am, My eyes are getting heavy, My right forearm is itching, Shingles is a bitch, Love to you’ll,Continue reading “Sleep and,”

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