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Penny the energizer bunny,

Works from 7pm-3 am, Use to before last summer work a sixty hour week, Disabilied, Worked five years at Mercy One on cane in Waterloo,Iowa,forty miles from home, Secretary ER, Never had a break, Hurts to stand, Hurts to walk, No heat at home for two years, No Furnace, Northern Iowa, Two years, Worked thereContinue reading “Penny the energizer bunny,”


Zap and Zapped bring to mind, Words once read in big bold print, By action done by action hero’s, Like Batman, The Green Hornet or Underdog, Actually only Batman had the words, Today I would need the words, I have some crap going through my system Zapping my strength, I feel tippsy, Someone just wasContinue reading “Zapped!”

Another fifty mph wind

When wind is so strong your vehicle sounds like a thin bit of metal, But you still need antifreeze and to mail books to Alaska, My cousin John Rohr & wife own the bakery there, Probably not seen John since his sister Rebekah’s death in the eighty’s, When you say a number its like thatContinue reading “Another fifty mph wind”

Jolly holidays

Aren’t holidays to be jolly, Aren’t friends to come by and say howdy? I miss WordPress that didn’t fight me when I wrote, I miss hitting the next line thing and going down, With this unsmart phone I nearly break my writing finger off before the next paragraph starts, I have a Brothers typewriter, ButContinue reading “Jolly holidays”

Twenty-seven degrees

Teddi for first time in three fays is eating and drinking, Cats don’t see CPTSD which is Emotional Stress, Cats don’t understand my urgency, I understand them better, A cat hovering a heat vent is not one of two things, One unwell, Two not warm, Cats like dogs are. Able to ketch illness’s their humansContinue reading “Twenty-seven degrees”

This is first time

My Back and white is I’ll, Been cold sitting on the floor, By floor vent, Her name is Teddi, I put her in the large kitty travel kennel and covered the kennel, Last week it was ten above, Cats and fogs can pick up same illnesses we get, I have her a bit if honeyContinue reading “This is first time”

Heating pad

Mom’s was very old and blue, I used it several times during my youth, Used it right, Used it stupidly, Did a police only chest, I was unclear about a mustard plaster, Did you know it doesn’t go on your chest, The plaster goes on a bit of wool then on your chest, Without theContinue reading “Heating pad”

Sixty years ago

Just sixty years ago, October meant rain, Cold dreary days and more rain, Two years ago in twenty twenty we had rain then Bam, Snow, That’s was the year we sprung to Spring in March, Springing back first weekend in November, Mother nature already has darkness at seven p.m. in northern Iowa, Who are weContinue reading “Sixty years ago”