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One of Penny”s eldest cats, Black n white, So very sweet, Protruding tumor over right eye, She has had it drained, No one cares his thing is horrible, Dries out on top, Yesterday it was like a damn with a leak, He whipped blood all around, It finally stopped, No fluid just blood, Its stillContinue reading “Boots”


Nerves so close they reach out and touch the surface, That’s where varicose veins are, The elevators have stopped operating, Bad blood needs elevation to climb to spleen, Spleen purifies blood, The spleen is like the coach, The coach gives the clean blood its mission for the day, But if that blood is sent backContinue reading “Legs”

Another fifty mph wind

When wind is so strong your vehicle sounds like a thin bit of metal, But you still need antifreeze and to mail books to Alaska, My cousin John Rohr & wife own the bakery there, Probably not seen John since his sister Rebekah’s death in the eighty’s, When you say a number its like thatContinue reading “Another fifty mph wind”

If you think you broke something

Go find out, Remember there are no stupid queries, Sure lifting boxes never hurt you as a kid, Baby now your a few months from sixty&five, Hell I was brought up knowing you fell or were hit to break a bone, Breaking a bone or cracking one wasn’t easily done, Well allow me to assureContinue reading “If you think you broke something”

Eight O nine

Still fifty-two degrees, Feels saunaish in my home, Two nights ago was cold, We were taught at the Heike’s if its summer and a yard sale has blankets or Afghans or quilts buy them, Nana’s sofa no one else wanted me included, It was flowered and very low, To give it height I suck magazineContinue reading “Eight O nine”


Cleaning illness inner debris, Put prunes in a bowl, No water, No drugs all organic, Nuke the plums, Cool them some, Tasty also on ice cream, No shit! Applesauce with cinnamon warm with ice cream, Tastes like apple pie without crust or sweet, Trust me I lost twenty-five pounds in nineteen seventy- eight before enteringContinue reading “Debris”

Nothings Free

Best things came with price tag, If you think things that came fir nothings true, Live in low rent housing, Anywhere! Price night be lower other rental properties however, However see is the price, Because you are poorer then others, The US government treat you like slow in the head, Oncely becomes twicely inspections ,Continue reading “Nothings Free”

Chapter 9,Chat with Roddenberry, Jacqueline Night Walker by Val K Whitewolf(plus audio for first nine chapters in audio from my podcast on anchor)

Hello I was wondering one day and then I went and found what I wanted to know that’s how learning is. At least for me. Hi wondered how old was that a writer like Gene Roddenberry,came to his conclusions in connection with time and the future as a time line. So I took what IContinue reading “Chapter 9,Chat with Roddenberry, Jacqueline Night Walker by Val K Whitewolf(plus audio for first nine chapters in audio from my podcast on anchor)”