Cough and tooth ache

Both hard to take, One could kill me, One just annoying, Just rising now, Finally got all my book prices changed, One got away, People never stop amazing me, They look for the oddity, Select a book with the lowest price, Five dollars, Pango changes no book prices, You do, Sold the hatchet, Five dollars,Continue reading “Cough and tooth ache”


Cleaning illness inner debris, Put prunes in a bowl, No water, No drugs all organic, Nuke the plums, Cool them some, Tasty also on ice cream, No shit! Applesauce with cinnamon warm with ice cream, Tastes like apple pie without crust or sweet, Trust me I lost twenty-five pounds in nineteen seventy- eight before enteringContinue reading “Debris”


Getting to return to work, Bigoted work place, Instead of being filled with glee, Worries concerns creeping back, Will she loose the help to get a needed furnace, She doesn’t even know if she can do the job, Breathing still weak, Week after Covid for third time, Waterloo Catholic hospital is still making ger getContinue reading “Floundering”

Sure hope

Long ass, Long ass summer twenty-two, Long ass summer is through, God aweful heat, Global Warming started officially in March last, Marched through like the Atrutians, Before Romans, Big and brutal, It was so warm my birth month we had a tornado fly by, March in northern Iowa is. Normally so damn cold Iowan’s areContinue reading “Sure hope”

555 61

Time first, A.m., Temperature, In Quasqueton,Iowa day after Queen Elizabeth the second died of peaceful at home, Yesterday history list a historic queen, A servant, Did the best she thought, Never instituted a mutiny because her way was not granted, Never visited another country and walked infront of that nations leader, Embraced change instead ofContinue reading “555 61”


What I just said adds four ways to administer pumkin, Not just a seasonal treat a wormer a healthy ingredients in your pet and in your life, 1. Smear on 2.capsul form then smear on 3. Syringe in, Only problem with that one is when you’re trying to clean the doodad you used you injectContinue reading “Syringe”


No seed oil, Just pumkin in can, Going to open, Good fir cat and dog, Smear it on coat, It us licked off, I like best in vitamin in form, Puncture capsule, Squirt on coat, Not horrid taste, Ground up raw Wild Thunder animal rescue uses to worm animals and chickens, I have to useContinue reading “Pumkin”


Cheese, Some will warn against eating cheese if you have a cold, Eat cheese drink milk , Don’t eat sweets, Your Lyphnods swell with toxin, That’s one of the reasons you’re sick you’ve been not taking care of yourself and you need properly, I know I know I know I know, That woman that youContinue reading “Cheese”

One long Ass day

Still not one, No book found yet, Still sneezing, Sought no book yet, Mr.Blacks face in his food, Turned off fan I’m like a log frozen in the Mississippi River, had a hamburger and two tomato’s, Ate the veggies not the meat, Got. Wash to come out of wash, Dirties to go in, Watched loveContinue reading “One long Ass day”

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