Darndess Stupidest things said!

People, People Churches must open People must gather together People must isolate Wear your mask! Not me! Not me! Drug will be administered to all President meets with world leaders Like where is Waldo/trump? Video of world leaders room met Waldo/ trump only leader unmasked! Like my dad thought rules of saftey were for othersContinue reading “Darndess Stupidest things said!”

Luxury/ Health or dreaded nessessary?

I bought myself this month for me a mink coat No I would Never wear fir! Equal in my eyes Vitamins, not one container but ‘Two’ Two glorious bottle of Vitamin C Dear old dad, not so much! Dad was a Chiropractor we didn’t have much Dad always told mom he would always have boozeContinue reading “Luxury/ Health or dreaded nessessary?”


Leaves Say I? Leaves Ewe say! Nooooo! Not I say Ewe! I say Sheep have their place in spring! Trees have leaves you understand? Today as I limped along Today I viewed from my vista strolling along Lushes greens, New born buds forming Covick 19 brought humanity to a stand still.while Mother nature teturns Bold,Continue reading “Leaves”

What people poor need

For me what gives me pleasure is to share what I have. Why is it christians never understand that sharing what people have might be less then you but you should Never refuse a gift given from someone you believe ‘Have nothing!’ How dare you assume that that what I have is of little value.Continue reading “What people poor need”

Brotherhood of man

Religion when I was young spouted Love thy brother Rodenberry wrote Spock Spock preached ‘One is less important then the good of many’ When push comes to shove US goverment steps in dictates Shutdown Still people have live Saw a YouTube video Wisconsin upset about goverment They cry ‘Foul!’ Stimulous package will not: Pay rent,feedContinue reading “Brotherhood of man”