What makes people cowards?

Hello, When I was a kid I use to think my baby sister Ellen was fearless afraid of nothing fierce. Ellen woukd climb to the tippy tippy top of the pine tree in our front tree. I would climb just high enough so that when I leaped down nothing would break off. Ellen and herContinue reading “What makes people cowards?”


Hello I have been writting since 1985 poetry and Essay.This will be my second year on WordPress. Before I wrote on Scrib and Researchgate,for college and poems on Poetry.com. This will be my second year posting and reading in video format on Youtube. Tonight I had an old lover who has never read me orContinue reading “Goals”

Watch “Salute” on YouTube

Im also am a You Tube blogger , I first posted this on my WordPress I thought would always be where I wrote ( historianval).Today I got my first paid membership for WordPress I had account for a year at I’m historianval. Happy New Year I hope for me I achieve my goal of clearingContinue reading “Watch “Salute” on YouTube”

historianval ,You tube title

That’s me Val Whitewolf Heike,Youtube channle Val Heike,twitter vlittlewolf me poet photograoher on Foap. Tags are as important as title of what you post. Do it incorrectly step on toes,Wham you will get an email Zap telling you on of several things. 1.Most of the world will not be allowed to view your video. 2.YourContinue reading “historianval ,You tube title”