Identity Theft or Hacking

Same thing, Fraud- Hacking Idenity theft

How far is love from hate?

Is it quanative or Qualitive! Can an equation be make of known quotions? Is it pollable? Whats the variance? Some love to hate, Family members Gay, They lie to their children about their gay sister. They attempt murder! There the freaks. Statistics would see its a.bell shaped curve.

Why No voice!

Things have changed, Things still hard, Poor have No advocate, Twenty-twenty poor still victims, Poor fall through cracks, Gay or Straight! Judgement for those that Got! Why! Old or young, Right is right, Old saying Right makes might, Knights of old, Not all stories the same! We Are Not one voice, Bigots backed by $$$!,Continue reading “Why No voice!”

Lost soul’s

Striped us of pride Stripped us of home and belongings so Diana get her way I will see Diana pays for starting the house on fire after removing the front door lock and four batteries of smoke alarms and murder of moms cat Rusty! Lied me into non existance Why was it so easy? RemovingContinue reading “Lost soul’s”

Some peoples family has a bully

When you look up a narcississ those in the know imagine family narcississ are mothers the Heike family narcississ was married 5 times.All her husbands ran to divorce. Daughter of an abuser, wife beater like her son and grandson. Val’s Whitewolf Media YouTube Channle

Hate a powerful 4 letter word

Tosses away by those I love because it was easier then standing up for my now 91 year old mom and me. My paperwork of lies the lies that innitiated my family to believe even after knowing mom Marian Heike was NOT AN INVALID EVER especially not in 2012 straight threw to our set laundryContinue reading “Hate a powerful 4 letter word”

Watching a PBS doc about LGBTQ in the 1960’s

Things change but remain the same why? A lady who lives where I lived told me today she loves old men.I told her she was welcome to them. She said why don’t you what happened I said Im gay.Born gay but why don’t you like men. When I said I was raped at 17 whammoContinue reading “Watching a PBS doc about LGBTQ in the 1960’s”

Should be rules

Like in life you are taught in school how to write a letter.You learn who to trust.Not to trust.Whose is aceptable by a community to love. One underlining bedrock bit of felt knowledge was that family always stand beside you. Was that thought less a thing I imagined? Did I feel it and not hearContinue reading “Should be rules”


Why is it? Why do people treat family like friends? Why do divorce half sisters whose only skill set was being divorced by husbands imagine that’s how one treats Gay family? We , family are not your’e mates. Families Not your buddies. You can not get off slandering us, Gaslighting our moms into believing liesContinue reading “Family”

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