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Goodnight to one and all, I saw a troubling movie commercial this afternoon, It was a Christmas ‘No way in hell will the theater get my money!’ Its like ax murders Santa Claus! Its bad enough stores have turned Christmas into shop till you drop, Spend,spend,spend, From before Halloween, And Walmart plays hip hop butContinue reading “Goodnight,”

Monday Monsoon

Night before ran started, Six am still sing, Flag cane and I went out on deck last night to retrieve, Cane hates ice or wet, Cans needed yo get to curb by six am, Rising at five thirty, Wind breaker on, In shoes with cane in hand went I, Kitties watching, Mr.Black like my dadContinue reading “Monday Monsoon”

Willow she does blow,

Willow, Willow blowing, Leaves a coming months to soon, Willow shes a blowing, Yellow her leaves are a hinting, Yellow leaves imaging green, Willow Willow a blowing, Bending low, Willow,Willow shes a blowing, Spring is neigh, Push,push like Wal-Mart’s holiday candy, Willow,Willow bending low,

Alarming sound

Bewildering scary, Noise, Nothing seen, Kittens innocent, Still noise bewildered me, Whatever could it be? Panic set in, Every nerve arosed, Something pink, In din of morning, Oh shit! Whats that noise! Duh! No way! Found it! This would never had happened if that little tool had a switch, Or I had a drawer, IContinue reading “Alarming sound”

Chapter 12,Lancaster County Amish Christmas by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Mattie and Jamie