We in general…

Are a throw away society Unless those that are older have money.People Overlook then the inferror age is! That’s bullshit.I was Seen as Guilty of the lies of an older half sister of ELDER ABUSE I must be guilty of it Val Heike, was in my fifties,Gay, a fulltime student working for a better lifeContinue reading “We in general…”

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Letters in a bedside table

Today August 7th, is my mom’a birthday artist, musician,Thespian, giver. Cook, mother, home maker,school teacher, wife my Nana.Yepper Nana was all of those things. Nana’s dad’s family settled in Allamakee County,Waterville,Iowa. Her dad pure Norweign married a girl from Winneshiek County. The young farmer to be married a Bergusen. In covered wagons they went toContinue reading “Letters in a bedside table”