Where ever she went

Smoke filled no air, Music hummed, She did the elephant, The chicken, Drank Leinenkugel’s, Cared nothing… I mean nothing for sports! Radio’s were for tunes, Helen Ready, John Couger Melloncap Ellen saw him in concert at least 5 times, Loved Fleetwood Mac Once was OK with Country Dated Gary Hovey A good guy, Married ShawnContinue reading “Where ever she went”

Mother’s love

Bullied to change a will Lied to Inside mom knew Mom always said ‘I may forgive but I never forget!’ People will see Mother’s love Stronger then other’s Hate!

On Gossamer Wings

Sailing bye Threw space and time Up threw the ozone Rebounding to.earth No Clarence vell rang Still Marian got her figurative wings She briefly ponders Blue box drifting bye One door She stops Knocks Yells ‘You Who!’ Figures no one home Unlike Iowa’s Human Services September third twenty twelve flies away Floats a bit toContinue reading “On Gossamer Wings”

Chapter 1-17a,b,A season of gifts by Richard Peck

Chapter 1&2a, https://youtu.be/h2qHEYP6Bcw Chapter 1&2b, https://youtu.be/6RZzFzwOhGI Chapter 3, https://youtu.be/OQw8CMv3cm8 Chapter 4a, https://youtu.be/ggNajiJxPBs Chapter 4b, https://youtu.be/8TrgqzbAggU Chapter 5, https://youtu.be/GHS2tXKz0hM Chapter 6a, https://youtu.be/I37AlLGDwaI Chapter 6b, https://youtu.be/xJf9YoMcn3o Chapter 7, https://youtu.be/HTj9xA9g-Fk Chapter 8, https://youtu.be/2jyvT1Rt4-o Chapter 9a, https://youtu.be/SFKANxCvEZY Chapter 9b, https://youtu.be/lKK0KmRM1CI Chapter 10, https://youtu.be/YJwU3hNmJMc Chapter 11, https://youtu.be/FFGBYnwAVd8 Chapter 12, https://youtu.be/ez0tr-kDgi0 Chapter 13, https://youtu.be/6AhG9HWB8E4 Chapter 14a, https://youtu.be/g6poPvQJdBI Chapter 14b, https://youtu.be/MGs0WC21kos ChapterContinue reading “Chapter 1-17a,b,A season of gifts by Richard Peck”

Chapter 2-14, Fair Weather- Richard Peck

World’s Fair Chicago Chapter 2a https://youtu.be/rbgtDbj-_6o Chapter 2b https://youtu.be/uV4zfeGCeOw Chapter 2c https://youtu.be/ZG_aDe_NUIY Chapter 3a https://youtu.be/C1EYi0q2b7Q Chapter 3b, https://youtu.be/n7VTa7OtT4U Chapter 4a, https://youtu.be/0eLntTjsNTU Chapter 4b, https://youtu.be/7OUqSbUoiBg Chapter 4c.https://youtu.be/qf5-8oV0PYE Chapter 5 https://youtu.be/cWp_B9fGajk Chapter 6, https://youtu.be/RToIRBS1fRc Chapter 7, https://youtu.be/RToIRBS1fRc Chapter 8 ,https://youtu.be/Yj4_Q0eoWjQ Chapter 9, https://youtu.be/Knf7uuOrxrw Chapter 10, https://youtu.be/Osh5EH7v5Ug Chapter 11, https://youtu.be/rYAB31puJMg End(a) End (b)

Chapter 21-,Writing on the wall by Elizabeth Mattox

Chapter 21, https://youtu.be/EqsJeO4y9-c Chapter 22a, https://youtu.be/eE5GnUd05JQ Chapter 22b https://youtu.be/1GBeOSavEJM Chapter 23a, https://youtu.be/AT7GZgo-rD0 Chapter 23b, https://youtu.be/ZzKKh-KraP8 Chapter 24 https://youtu.be/9GmnFGJMpjA Chapter 25 https://youtu.be/7fD-6qfQYG4 Chapter 26a https://youtu.be/yldtKrHeWtM Chapter 26b https://youtu.be/HfLParwbF8Q Chapter 27 https://youtu.be/eEfAi4CX8LY Chapter 28 https://youtu.be/D5UJiNZN034 Chapter 29 https://youtu.be/GMkoTbQYkAE

Chapter 5,Aliens in Disguise by Clete Barrett Smith