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Was brought to my attention today, Christmas totes still on sale, I said yes, So! Penny said for more books, Funny part about buying totes, They hold my stock, Most product needs more totes, Totes store my product, Books, I don’t willy nilly purchase totes unless more product equates more storage, I also love totesContinue reading “Tubs”

Chapter 5,39 clues,Emperor’s Code, Gordon Korman

Book 8 Chapter 1, Chapter 2a, Chapter 2b, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5,

Chapter 13,14, 39 clues,One flat note by Gorden Korman

Travel the world with the family Cahill.

Chapter 12,39 clues,One Flat note by Gorden Korman

Amy saw nottom rudhing up.