I like games that allow me to think, I have never liked game that is pre-programmed to tell me what to think, When you play a game like that you’re like a rat in a trap following their dictation whoever read the game, Press this press that build this build that, There’s this new gameContinue reading “Games”


Like wallets irreplaceable, But living on a dime irrational, What to do, Funny sad to pay as you go Verizon you supply the phone, With one if there plans they supply the phone, Smart talk you own your phone, You pay monthly, Guess tomorrow thats what I will do, I will still owe US celluar,Continue reading “Phones”


Never, Angels never had wings, Renaissance painters painted first angel wings, Did you know? Angel are small good deals, Done with pure love, No deity need be involved, Hurts no one to do a good deed, Or to be a good neighbor until you say no, You are the same good natured person, Sometimes youContinue reading “Angels”

Asleep with pussycats

Four slept on me, Black in his kennel, Emily and Teddy on the counter, Cold night I worry for all who survive without, Without food, Without a home, Without love, Penny thinks I should apply for video security at Mount Mercy in Waterloo,Iowa, I want to only work animal rescue for a no kill animalContinue reading “Asleep with pussycats”

Would love to work in Real Estate or back into Hospitality

However theres this dude who dies an infomercial, Doesn’t tell us his name, Tells us to goggle him, Bullshit that’s not the way to get people to work with you, You talk to people, You introduce yourself, You level the playing ground, Hi I’m Val, I sell books, Write and am a poet, Great drivingContinue reading “Would love to work in Real Estate or back into Hospitality”


Cleaning illness inner debris, Put prunes in a bowl, No water, No drugs all organic, Nuke the plums, Cool them some, Tasty also on ice cream, No shit! Applesauce with cinnamon warm with ice cream, Tastes like apple pie without crust or sweet, Trust me I lost twenty-five pounds in nineteen seventy- eight before enteringContinue reading “Debris”


Hold a cat, Bet a dog, Ride a horse, Hold a fox kit, Sit in a field void the annoyance, Don’t have sex, Relax, Try not to be in pain, In pain all your attention is on the pain, Black it out, Hold a baby, Any baby, Animal babies are greatly relaxing, Take from myContinue reading “Ballistic”

A Nation

Laying in state, Her children stand around her, Honor is felt, Love of her people, Seen brows turn down, Honor corp all decked in finest colors, Upon her coffin sits her royal crown, She was more then the symbol, Today her grandchildren came to stand, Loved ones wear honor, Before they came I saw theContinue reading “A Nation”


Getting to return to work, Bigoted work place, Instead of being filled with glee, Worries concerns creeping back, Will she loose the help to get a needed furnace, She doesn’t even know if she can do the job, Breathing still weak, Week after Covid for third time, Waterloo Catholic hospital is still making ger getContinue reading “Floundering”

A stranger hug me yesterday

Figures the only way I could hug him, My sister went to the bathroom we ate Chinese, No one in particular! And while she was gone this fellow went over and talked to the major D with red hair wasn’t there no I won’t shade but you know red hair and young people is lessContinue reading “A stranger hug me yesterday”

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