Lover wife,

No mask ridding in a car, Cuddling, Hugging, Standing over me, Just a poet, Only one lung, And of that just the top, Disease took all of other lung, Other health issues, I drown in her smile, I flourish with her hand in mine, No masks at home, Our firbabies race up and down theContinue reading “Lover wife,”

Chapter 10b-12, 10-12b,12c,13a,13b,13c,14,15a,15b,16,17a & b,Diamond Window by Jane Langton( Outstanding chapter)

Hall series Chapter 17a, Cjapter 17b,


Debember to May To Arizonia Nana flew Winton mom’s younger brother lived Like a bird Nana went Nineteen seventy mom,Ellen and I To Arizona for Easter we three Dad stays home Nana only bought three tickets Queen be Nana was I was twelve I knew lay of land Dad drank see Mom’s family imaged themselfContinue reading “Arizona”

Chapter 21-,Writing on the wall by Elizabeth Mattox

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Chapter 10a, Deathly Hallows by J.K.Rowling

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3rd book Sparks