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Goodnight to one and all, I saw a troubling movie commercial this afternoon, It was a Christmas ‘No way in hell will the theater get my money!’ Its like ax murders Santa Claus! Its bad enough stores have turned Christmas into shop till you drop, Spend,spend,spend, From before Halloween, And Walmart plays hip hop butContinue reading “Goodnight,”

Missed time

Missed time, In a blink of an eye my youngest nephews are grown, Where did it go, Stollen it was, Miss time with friends, Time is so short, A tear slides down my nose, I miss moments, I miss laughter, I miss smiles, I miss them, How did time flee so fast, One minute youth,Continue reading “Missed time”

Last gift from my grandma

The last gift I got from my grandma she was in a nursing home, Spencer Iowa, Was a long throw with a cat, I’ve seen it everyday since September two twenty hanging nailed above the hall door, Yeah like a rag, Because of Iowa’s winter gale blew through my hall door with no outer doorContinue reading “Last gift from my grandma”

Purple people eater

Would be a neato title except, Container in question is Pink, Bright Blinding, P-I-N-K, Had no pitcher Gave only one I had to a neighbor with idea of what it is to be a neighbor, This us brand spanking new, A Penny Pitcher, It is terrific holds an entire pineapple, How wonderful,

Early birthday gift

This is August, My birthdays March tenth, Penny bought me a toilet seat, Thank Goddess, No more pooping in a yogurt cup, And a trash can, Red, My favorite, She did to much for me, Thank you Goddess, You have sweeten my life, Blessed be! Mother earth smiled on me, Now to go home, Mr.BlackContinue reading “Early birthday gift”

Just breathe

Moment by moment, Just breathe, Stars ignite, Tears fall, Just breathe, Eyes are full, Years flip by Heart aches, A giggle is heard, Just breathe, A puppy barks, A kitten purrs, A baby cries, I sigh, Those I love taken away, Alone stands I, One lesbian butch alone weeps, Just breathe,