I like games that allow me to think, I have never liked game that is pre-programmed to tell me what to think, When you play a game like that you’re like a rat in a trap following their dictation whoever read the game, Press this press that build this build that, There’s this new gameContinue reading “Games”

Biggest commercial message

During Packers and Buccaneers game, ‘Do what you love!’ Old message, Not always possible, Or profitable, Best commercial, Children making a lego bridge, A knight needed to get to the other side, Working together they managed to get the knight across, In a sense the message is clear, It was about the night passage, OrContinue reading “Biggest commercial message”

College football

Why are cheer leaders in the stands? Arkansas Pine Bluff vs. Alcorn State, MC says “that play didn’t cound cause neither team dud nothing’, Other teams cheers leaders on the field, Nothing else on ball game, Next a Young Sheldon it 9:21pm I’m tuckered now, Down to 52 tonight, Me in my bear blanket andContinue reading “College football”


Game advertisement, This afternoon I’ve seen two, Not amazing, One and insult to the intellect, So stupid I’m going to tell you about it, It took three different people all Asian, All right I’ll see they’re in America, All dubbed in, Leave your wondering, If they were American why were they announcing it? The otherContinue reading “Advertisement”

Game play and Chester the kitten

Will leap free of fear, No longer going to the edge and flinging body over the edge, Now with due purpose, Mission as if before impossible, Now with destination firmly in view, I love playing Ever wing on FaceBook , Have for years, Except another pussy thing about being hacked you loose all your pointContinue reading “Game play and Chester the kitten”

Chapter 9,Chat with Roddenberry, Jacqueline Night Walker by Val K Whitewolf(plus audio for first nine chapters in audio from my podcast on anchor)

Hello I was wondering one day and then I went and found what I wanted to know that’s how learning is. At least for me. Hi wondered how old was that a writer like Gene Roddenberry,came to his conclusions in connection with time and the future as a time line. So I took what IContinue reading “Chapter 9,Chat with Roddenberry, Jacqueline Night Walker by Val K Whitewolf(plus audio for first nine chapters in audio from my podcast on anchor)”

Game names

Loved 39clues, Told exactly what it was of sorts, Once into books, And I love a game that comes with books, It was a family treasure hunt, Like a real family, Blood thirsty, Do or die, Come what may, Most puzzles found, Answered points were given, Some died, Name just heard was ‘Crazy Balls!’ DoneContinue reading “Game names”

White Asian commercials geared to

Object marketing, Whites in equation, Equate to gullable saps, Easy Pissy,Lemon Squeezy, Take white man, Tall in suit, Speaking not English but American, Put two females who appear lesser white boss also shorter and Asian, This is the equation that prods whites to play gambling games, Take cute Russian who speaks American, And Asian femaleContinue reading “White Asian commercials geared to”

Nose is Not our friend

Seriously, I mean really Seriously, I was just going to play a pointless slot machine, I turned off the volume sound and annoying extra sound, The bammo commercial, So damn loud, I deleted them, Going deft at sixty-four isn’t my plan, Best game I know of, I’m at the controls, A little purring is heard,Continue reading “Nose is Not our friend”

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