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Penny the energizer bunny,

Works from 7pm-3 am, Use to before last summer work a sixty hour week, Disabilied, Worked five years at Mercy One on cane in Waterloo,Iowa,forty miles from home, Secretary ER, Never had a break, Hurts to stand, Hurts to walk, No heat at home for two years, No Furnace, Northern Iowa, Two years, Worked thereContinue reading “Penny the energizer bunny,”

Two different women

Loved both, Differently mom never got the heart sickness of loving same sex, There are no mentors if you are a round peg in a square world, Guess my family saw me as retarded because I never dated males, Never dated period until I was forty, Told my older half sister I came out, SheContinue reading “Two different women”


Memory, We all have them, Triggers are in a way tells, When its cold, I recall my room at the folks house, No heat nor insulation tons of blankets, No bathroom, When young you went down the vertical steps, After being struck i n two o eight by a car, I crawled up the steps,Continue reading “Triggers”

Sounds and signals

Can yawns get people to hang up? I”m guessing no! Been sighing, ‘Nothing!’ It always amazes me when people call and I’m eating they will rudely say ‘What’s that noise!’ And I always think a stupid but brave question needs a response so I’ll say I’m eating! I hate this response ‘Well when will youContinue reading “Sounds and signals”

Demise of a lady

Laura Zidlicky, Mother of three, A daughter,A son and her devoted daughter in law Pat, Laura was an artist, I never saw her walk with a cane or shake like I do, But then Laura never was hit by a car, Laura lost her husband and her son, Laura was born in nineteen nineteen, HerContinue reading “Demise of a lady”

Just took

Just took nearly year and eight months, To find my frying pans, Had a pound of bacon in the fridge since September, Not to fry bacon in, Cook an egg, Fry potato’s, Found those horrid plated with a tiger design, But that was OK, Never desired to eat upon them, Gonna see if Penny willContinue reading “Just took”


Saw many changes in her life, A hundred and three last birthday hit, An artist admired, An artist loved, Broke her hip, Then family decided her fate, No longer free, Raised a son and a daughter, Lost a husband an a husband, Her daughter in law one of her daughters and good friend, Loved toContinue reading “Laura”

Two Need

At home real employment, One worked fifteen years on legs, Standing on concrete, Not wandering around, In one location, Needs a knee replaced, Not possible, Ulcer behind knees, Was better when forced onto temporary disability, Now she is back to work, Can’t get sick, Catholic hospital in Waterloo,Iowa saw to that, See due to forcedContinue reading “Two Need”

Pot of gold

I awoke, Door closed, Baby fireball missing, I could hear distant meows, One look spoke volumes, Door closed guarded by Miss Sophie, Grey calicos are like wardens, The silently prayed she was alive and well, Meow, Her momma miss Penni was at the doorway to the bathroom, Room I sorely was in need of going,Continue reading “Pot of gold”