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One goal for my Studio will be to employ not traditional females and others in my LGBTQ community. Older women find survival hard. Wish someone would hear my goals and plans.


Did you know? No,no that’s not it hummm! I was just amazed finding that most small town America has NO NOISE LAWS IN PLACE! I find that shocking! If in texting caps shouting and is used to get a point across then this most certainty is the exact time to SHOUT! How is it peopleContinue reading “Noise,noise!”


Yesterday I checked my monthly mail. I had 148 left for electric from goverment assistance so I did not freeze in low rent housing. Alliant energy used up 480 in 3 months with their added Winter Step 1 and 2 and last month their added step 3. This month Winter step 3 which added fromContinue reading “Never UNDERESTIMATE”

Dollar stores

How odd it is American’s want neigh demand equality in prices and wages yet Resorts pay barely surviving rates to other Americans.Americans rush to the Dollar store to purchase things like other things only usually weaker. Made in countries we can not pronounce made by people not able to feed their children. Im siting hereContinue reading “Dollar stores”

Carvers carve, writers breath ink

I tend to write journal style. For years I was hurt beyond repair like melting ice I have had a chemical change. No longer filled with hate boiling over the walls containg my fluid. I have grown.I still and shall always dispuse those in my family unit who made it their mission for a melencholyContinue reading “Carvers carve, writers breath ink”

Alliant Energy

Hello do you have an energy company that literatly get away with adding to your bill? In November that company added $62 to my bill calling if winter step 1 and 2. Alliant Energy are literally protraying highway men hijacking what little we have in our wallets. My first bill when I moved into 102Continue reading “Alliant Energy”