Old friend

Some old friends ate pizza with you, Off to Wolfies in Quasqueton I went tonight, Got a small pineapple and ham, Had half placed in a container, The box handed to me, Funny that, People see cane people, They rush to open the door for us, Funny that the door works like a guide, AContinue reading “Old friend”

Hot beverage no spill

I slosh, I shake, I rattle, No rolling, Finally did it, Moved my hot pot for water, Next to my chair, Right next to my Super Woman Ice thingie, First cup of cocoa since TBI, No yelling down my hall, ‘Out of my way kitties!’ Just press a button, Open two pouches, I’m a twoContinue reading “Hot beverage no spill”

Goober peas

Not a fan of Georgias ‘boiled peanuts,’ Do enjoy Walmarts ‘Great Value Dry Roasted Peanuts,’ Tossed in a sprinkle or two cinnemon not to shabbie mom would say, Starving,potatoes with stewed tomato’s not enough, Nearly one am hungry, Got to eat some nuts, Why are they called Goober Peas? Inquiring hungry Val’s want to know,?Continue reading “Goober peas”

Where are the millions of jobs?

I hate starving, ……… Not living, $830/month, Student loans are no problem $79 is removed from my disability per month. I go to the library for movies, I don’t drink, Smoke, Have six cats we are all starving now, . I look and look for work at home, Need food, Need to winterizing, Car needsContinue reading “Where are the millions of jobs?”

Cheese,Marian D. Bittenger Heike

Never was mom Ms.Heike, Diana the bully changed after she set the fire to get mom from her home. I’m Ms. Heike until I implement my penname for my sir name. Mom has an amazing love of Velveeta cheese, It was so soft cheese cutters we’re loss in it, Maybe you are young to recallContinue reading “Cheese,Marian D. Bittenger Heike”


Zip Codes thing of the past, People have no right to govern where you seek employment, Job sites have no idea where I will go to find the jobs we are told nightly exist, I hate the rhetoric! Lies are jobs no! Starving people compeit fir the no job world. I just was seeking inContinue reading “50644”

Out Seeking,

Iowan writer,blogger, Trained Customer Service,cash handling,working with tourist, Opener closer seeking employment from home until vehicle is fixed, Soft butch lesbian stuck in sticks of Iowa, Made artistic skills, Blogger WordPress/YouTube, Great Care Taker, Empath, Need employment, Tired jobsites that lie, A town with three hundred, Quasqueton Iowa doesn’t have five thousand jobs, Quit lyingContinue reading “Out Seeking,”

Not an apple,

So hungry during night, Was so sure had two small apples by me, So not Apples, Woke with half tangerine gone, Hoping I recall the best cranberry salad, Apple,orange and two cups cranberry, All goes into food processor, With a pinch of sugar, Nummy,nummy, It’s sad funny, No longer hungry, Not satisfied, Happy other tangerineContinue reading “Not an apple,”

Poor excuse,

Live off the government, I hate poverty as much as Low rent government housing, Solution continue to work toward leaving poverty In Calmer Iowa at least the food bank give you enough food for survival, Four visits a month, Saturdays, Seventy five miles away, Every Tuesday you can get milk, Bread, Fruit and sometimes eggs,Continue reading “Poor excuse,”

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