Good movie,

Old friend, Sandra Bullock, Electric heater, Malto Meal hot, Ya,Ya,Sisterhood, Wishing had made some popcorn, Alas all I had, Finger and jar of chunky peanut butter, It hit the spot,


Maybe real word, Maybe one poet in Iowa’s word, Definition Very,Very,Very big, On the few occasions that I gambled, Nickel and quarters approximately at least five dollars worth, At most twenty dollars, Never more, Never more, Fir me great joy is found in angling, Fishing for you city folks, Something poet just you, Your pole,Continue reading “Astronomical”

Time to dye

Didn’t even inquire, Automaticly given, Senior citizen meal, After spaghetti was asked choice of dessert, I said lemon pie, Wish I gad taken the tapioca, The pie was Frozen crap, The waitress said you know the pie doesn’t come with meal, I’m sixty -four, It’s like old thing, Taped to my forehead. Time to dye.

Lifesavers and Eggs

Independence,Iowa,03/30/2022, Wal-Mart groccery, No $1.08 Eggs, Not a single Winter Green life Saver, Wow, Imagine a run on eggs and Lifesavers, Go figure, As I chatted with a ninety one year old class act, We both noticed the higher priced eggs were still on the shelf, The lady suggested, Whenever theres a horrid storm, ConvenientlyContinue reading “Lifesavers and Eggs”

Old friend

Some old friends ate pizza with you, Off to Wolfies in Quasqueton I went tonight, Got a small pineapple and ham, Had half placed in a container, The box handed to me, Funny that, People see cane people, They rush to open the door for us, Funny that the door works like a guide, AContinue reading “Old friend”

Hot beverage no spill

I slosh, I shake, I rattle, No rolling, Finally did it, Moved my hot pot for water, Next to my chair, Right next to my Super Woman Ice thingie, First cup of cocoa since TBI, No yelling down my hall, ‘Out of my way kitties!’ Just press a button, Open two pouches, I’m a twoContinue reading “Hot beverage no spill”

Goober peas

Not a fan of Georgias ‘boiled peanuts,’ Do enjoy Walmarts ‘Great Value Dry Roasted Peanuts,’ Tossed in a sprinkle or two cinnemon not to shabbie mom would say, Starving,potatoes with stewed tomato’s not enough, Nearly one am hungry, Got to eat some nuts, Why are they called Goober Peas? Inquiring hungry Val’s want to know,?Continue reading “Goober peas”

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