Fowl food

Got home out chicken in crock pot, Best buy for me today ten pound of legs n thighs $7.99, Opposed to five pound legs $6.99, Got home.put it in pot on high, I wait an hour then crock goes to low, Was just out, Stove I don’t use was hot, Chicken was not! Both blackContinue reading “Fowl food”

One game come on!

People with weekly salary of six hundred, Thats $2400 still more then the $899I draw on disability, Then they suggest that those people, Need to download their game! I ‘m from rural Iowa, But six hundred by four is two thousand and four hundred by twelve =$28000 Thats a fortune, Americans poor, Elderly, And disabiled,Continue reading “One game come on!”

Sexiest thing

Might surprise you, Two months ago I wish I had not bought Hot Pockets, Eighteen for a reasonable amount Their nothing sauce and air in a pocket, Starving this week, Just found one I had not ate, Was delicious, Like Red Skelton in his bum skit, Ketchup soup, Women are lovely, Women are great, ButContinue reading “Sexiest thing”

People sixty and older

Food is more.important then a hundred dollars in case we need a bandaids, I use paper towels on healing ankles because the stupid company my insurance is through card for a hundred dollars a month is for no stores near me, Give me a hundred and fifty per month for food, Keep you GD bandaids,Continue reading “People sixty and older”

Solar WHAT!

According to the two representatives, You need to own your home, Have a good credit rating, Own land your home you Pay taxes on, And own your home to reap financial benefits of Solar, The program also from Alliant Energy wants to see your energy usage! They whoever the hell they are figure an individualContinue reading “Solar WHAT!”

Forty three

Temperature without, Tits erect within, Little safe fell by door,precious,Sadie and Teddie trapped in icebox with me and the babies, Six twenty-five, One stinky thought was ninety yesterday in top of New York, Something stinks in northern Iowa, How much cold are we to suffer through? Our state leaders erroneous to price of living, TheyContinue reading “Forty three”

Just wait Teddy

Left electric heater, Brought grapefruit juice,blankets,kitty food, Went back for sleeping babies, All evening after Judith Dench sitcom Lilly has been held over my heart, She Lilly ate meat tonight, Barely sat when Theodore was in my chair ready for my lap, Since a kitten he has loved sleeping there, When I shut the doorContinue reading “Just wait Teddy”

What a card?

Must be male, Can’t wait to shove cat food all over the floor, My spell check starts the wrong word before I’m done, What a card use to refer to a joker, Not in a deck, A person who imagined what they did was humorous, Things dad did were funny older on life only toContinue reading “What a card?”

Month of Food Bank Food

Bag of blueberries, Two little bags of butter in small cuppy things, One choice if meat, Carb fudge pop sticks, You can have a gallon of skim crappy milk No eggs, Tube of hamburger and a little roll of hamburger, A roast, And veg I took no old Walmart bread, Got pistachios, Took four grapefruit,aContinue reading “Month of Food Bank Food”

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